Equipment And Software List

For my film magazine and poster


I have used Photoshop to edit my pictures that I have taken and to create the whole magazines and posters composition. This is the main software I have used throughout to create my coursework. This is because of how many features it has to allow you create various effects and after a while of practicing on it you learn many tricks of how edit your text and pictures effectively.

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DSLR Canon Camera

I have used this camera to take the images that are on my film magazine and poster. It is easy to use and has many features which allow you to take the perfect shots, for example if you are in an area with dark lighting you can put the camera on night portrait and a flash will turn on so that the image looks bright and has a high quality. I tend to use the close up or manual effect when taking mid shots (the shot type I have used for all of my poster and magazines images) because it focuses on the model and takes a high resolution image of their facial features which is extremely important for a poster or magazine.

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I have used a tripod to steady the camera when taking the pictures so that it is balanced centrally so that the images are not slanted in anyway and it helps me to make sure the models are in focus on the images.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

I have used Microsoft PowerPoint to add all of my images that I have taken onto a PowerPoint presentation so that all of the images are together. This helped me to erase the images I didn't’t want to use and I made it easier for my to look at all of the pictures together at the same time so I could compare them, so I could then pick out the most eye-catching images to use. I also used the crop feature to crop down some of my images that I had taken.

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