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Improve Your Health and Reclaim Your Youthful Vitality

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  • an energy boost
  • loss of visceral fat (fat found on your organs and tissues)
  • improved muscle tone and increased joint flexibility
  • balanced digestion
  • better sleep
  • clearer memory and concentration

(photo: Trevor from Calgary. Photos taken May 2015)

Nutritional Cleansing

By removing toxins and providing the body with peak nutrition, your body is able to function at its best, leaving you feeling leaner, stronger and more energized.

Isagenix is not just a single supplement; it is a complete system that contains everything you need to restore health naturally. Each product on its own is very effective, but the power of each product is far greater when used as part of the professionally formulated program.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in ALL Isagenix products and many meet or even exceed USDA organic standards. For example, the protein used in the Isalean shakes and bars is superior quality undenatured whey and casein protein from grass fed New Zealand cows and exceeds USDA organic standards.

Easy to Follow and Maintain

The Isagenix cleanse is simple to follow and does not require any major changes to your daily life. You simply replace one to two meals with the delicious shakes on shake days and take the Cleanse for Life products on cleanse days. The Isalean PRO shakes contain more protein than our regular Isalean shakes, which are recommended for athletes looking to bulk up OR for more mature people ( since it is harder to maintain or build lean muscle as we age).

Support Products

Isagenix understands the complex issues that arise as you age. With Brain Boost, you can improve your concentration and memory, and with Sleep Support, you can give yourself a better rest to enhance your overall well-being. Our Ageless Essentials vitamins are gender specific to address the issues particular to women's and men's bodies, and our Product B telomere support integrates Nobel-prize winning science to slow the process of aging that affects your chromosomes. We also offer joint support for improved flexibility, and pain relief cream for injuries or chronic issues. In addition, for extra energy or buffering from stress, we offer e+shot natural energy drinks, organic coffee, Replenish electrolyte drinks, and more.

Healthy Aging and Energy Performance Packages

More Options

There are plenty more options, as well as videos on how to use our systems. To find out more, click here:http://chaddanderson.isagenix.com/en-CA/IsaProduct/IsaProduct

The video below is a testimonial from one of our team members, our friend Joe Martini, from Calgary

2013 Isagenix IsaBody Finalist-Challenge #2 June 15, 2013