Humpback Whale

By: Adam M. and Ryan E.

Scientific Name

Megaptera novaeangliae


Migrate from summer feeding grounds at the poles to warmer waters closer to the equator for winter

(picture on right)


Color: Grey

Size: 48 to 62.5 ft (14.6 to 19 m)

Weight: 40 tons (36 metric tons)

Special Markings: Oversized hair follicles make little bumps all over the whale's body

Fluke: I am your father. | Can be up to 18 feet (5.5 m) wide

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Feeds on krill, plankton and small fish

It has bristle teeth that filter the water from the food.


Sharks, orcas and humans threaten its population number.

Humans pollute the ocean, take away their food source and entangle them in nets.


When a male whale and a female whale love each other very very much...

Just kidding... as soon as a male whale mates with a female whale he goes off to find another female to mate with. The mother stays with the calf.


Very powerful singer with a lot of breath support (songs travel for many miles and last for many hours)