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Everything You Want To Know About Tier 1 Investor Visa

Are you looking for some info on Tier1 Investor Visa? Before proceeding, take some time to read this post to get all the necessary info on Tier1 Investor Visa.

Are You Relocating To UK?

Tier1 Investor Visa- How Important It Is?

If you have recently decided to shift to UK to become an investor then you should first confirm to the UK Immigration Law. Once you confirm to the UK Immigration Law, your next task is to apply for a Tier1 Investor Visa. Remember, you will have to shell out a pretty good amount of money to stay in UK for a long time.

An Entry Clearance

As an applicant, you simply don’t have the right to run any existing business. But, you always have the option to start your own business in any sector. Moreover, an applicant cannot even seek any employment in UK according to the UK Immigration law. Before you get the permission to shift to UK permanently, an entry clearance is mandatory for all the applicants.

Eligibility Criterion For An Investor

• An applicant should have to deposit an amount of one million British pounds to the authority.

• An applicant has a net worth of 2 million pounds. In case, the applicant decided to choose the “loan” option then he/she always have the right to do so but it is only valid for Financial Services Authority approved loan establishments.

• An applicant should spend at least 750,000 pounds using different financial resources such as bonds, loans or capital shares from a reputed and established UK government firm.

• An applicant has to stay in UK for the rest of his/her life.

• An applicant must have to meet the “entry clearance” eligibility before he/she decided to settle in UK.

• An applicant must also demonstrate strong financial background for self-support. Remember, they cannot choose the public funds option or opt for any job.


An Investor Visa UK is granted by the authority for three years. Of course, one can also extend up to two years according to your requirement.

Enjoy your stay in UK!

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