By Ben Mohr

Honolulu Facts

My dream vacation is Honolulu and it is in the Hawaii region.This is why I want to visit Honolulu, so I can be in a beach house. This is what my destination so great because it has exotic culture, and you can surfing,also sunbathe, go hang out at hotels, and see the pacific punch bowl. This is 10 interesting facts about Honolulu is, Honolulu was occupied by Russians,French, and British, on separate occasions,Honolulu saw a major boom when Hawaii was officially granted statehood in 1959.Nearly 2,400 from California, Honolulu is the most remote place in the United States supporting a major population.In 1794, the first European, Captain William Brown, landed in Honolulu. Natives, however, had settled the land almost 600 years earlier.The Honolulu Symphony was founded in 1900, making it among the oldest symphony orchestras in the United States.Honolulu's home island, Oahu, is part of the largest mountain range in the world--most of which is under water.The area set aside by Honolulu's city constitution claims any island that doesn't belong to another country. This makes it one of the largest in the world, over 2,000 square miles in size.Honolulu is the only city in the United States that is home to a royal palace.More than 100 beaches surround Honolulu, more than almost any other city in the world.Honolulu has one of the largest concentrations of Buddhist temples in the Western world, with over 30 spread through the city. That was the ten facts about Honolulu.


It will take me about 10h 57m on a plane. I'm going to stay there for 1 year. The person I'm going to take with me is Dawson Asher. Honolulu is 3,901 miles from houston.


The hotel I would be staying at is ilikai hotel and luxury suites. It has a pool, a lake, a nice bedroom, convegiot room, Nice bathroom, gym, breakfast, and a balcony. I would need to pack clothes, electronics, phones, and a pillow.


The trip would cost . The lodging would cost $222. Spending money would be $5,000. The food would cost about $24.94.The airplane would cost $940 . The gas would cost $50.00.The whole trip would cost $1236.94.


I would go surfing. Go swimming. Ziplining.

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