Content and Language Objectives

By: Katheryn Brown

Why have students read and hear objectives?

There are many positive reasons why teachers should post objectives for students to see and hear. Objectives provide students with both content and general academic vocabulary. According to Echevarría, Short, and Vogt ( 2012) discussing the objectives will provide an opportunity to reinforce listening skills. The teacher can discuss the content and expectations of the lesson. Students can then discuss at the end of the lesson how they completed the objectives.

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How might written objectives affect teacher and student performance in the classroom?

Echevarría, Short, and Vogt (2012) state that objectives make lessons more clear and meaningful to students. Objectives also help guide teaching and learning by making lessons more focused. By reviewing objectives at the beginning of a lesson, students have the opportunity to understand the goal. At the end of the lesson, the students can then determine if they reached their goals. Students and teachers can reflect on learning and progress. According to the lesson preparation video, Vogt (n.d) explains how teachers assess students constantly throughout the lesson to determine if students are meeting the content and language objectives.