Mrs.Dixons 6th week project?

Michael Kennedy 4th per.

Different types of Brainstorming

Graphic Organizers- To structure writing projects

Different Revising/Editing Techniques?


  • Pay most attention to the maid idea.


  • Don"t read large sections.
  • read the text out loud to see what you missed with your eyes.

Influence of setting and plot?

Sensory Language:

  • Sight- what you see
  • Hear- what you hear
  • Taste- what you taste
  • Feel- what you feel
  • Smell- what you smell

Point of View?

1st- someone telling you the story that's in the story

3rd- someone telling the story that is not in the story

Types of Narratives?

Science Fiction- fiction that contains current or future science or technology.

Mystery- a protective or someone solves a crime or series of crimes.

Fantasy- a story about characters that may not be realistic and events that cant really happen.

Time Travel-a story in which something is between two different points in a time or manner.