April Humanities Newsletter

By Owen Molind and Justin McCully

"How can ideas be corrupted?"

To start off the month we finished off our unit on how ideas can be corrupted, which was our essential question. During this unit we unit we learned about revolutions, in particular the Russian Revolution, and the paths many of them take. Our project we did for the unit was making a mural based off of the ideas from the article The True Believer by Eric Hoffer. This article talks about the different characteristics a fanatic in a revolution should have as well as the characteristics a revolutionary leader should have. We had to chose which type of person we wanted to represent in our murals and which of the characteristics explained in the article we felt were the most important. Each group then turned characteristics into symbols on the murals that they best felt represented these characteristics.

Mural Presentations

How do you balance competing and contradictory ideas?

Also at the beginning of the month, we started our next unit with the essential question "How do you balance competing and contradictory ideas?" In doing so we started our next book, Romeo and Juliet. We also started learning about economics. We took a test before we started to learn about the economy, to see how much we knew about the fundamentals of the economy.

Info on Career Day

We got our information on our Freshman career day as well. Each of us will be picking a job to job shadow. We will pick one job to job shadow and follow a person around who has that job. Someone could pick to be an engineer, a veterinarian, or almost anything they have an interest in. The job they pick, they are able to see what one day with that job would be like. During the job shadow they can help the person they are job shadowing or they can just watch and see what its like.