Yellowfang's Secret:

Warrior Super Edition

Author: Erin Hunter

Number of Pages: 501

"And one day I will do something to stop this tide of fire and blood that he has unleased on the forest."

Yellowfang has a secret and it may lead her down paths that she would prefer not to go down. Her special ability must be put to the best use for her clan, even if that means she'll never be a true warrior. In the beginning she knows she different in a way but not how. As she continues through life, and her power's use becomes clearer to her. It's clear there is only one real path to choose and it wasn't her first choice. Even though her mind makes that decision her heart doesn't choose the same thing exactly, and just after her vows were said one thing happens that changes it all. In order to keep her secret she must lie to and deceive her clan. She thinks she has been punished for breaking the warrior code, but her past is nothing in comparison to what's yet to come.
This book is written in third person as are all the other Warrior books.

The theme of this story is if you don't follow the rules there are consequences.

This theme is very common in real life because it happens daily all around the world. No matter what type of kid you are you will at one time or the other break the rules and then get punished. Adults do it too. They speed and get tickets and go through a red-light and get a ticket. The theme occurs everyday, millions of times, everywhere around the world. It is a very good theme to learn because it teaches kids that there will be consequences.
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Read books 1-4 in the original series (Into the Wild - The Darkest Hour)to see what happens to Yellowfang after the end of this book.