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March 19th Newsletter

Principal's Message

All Roads Lead to Dunwoody

Thank you to everyone that joined us for the DHS clusterwide event. It was such a fun time for our students and staff! For the student-faculty kickball game, we tied 2-2 and have challenged our students to a rematch during Patriot Games in May(information coming soon).

Thank you to DHS for hosting us!

Progress Reports

Progress reports will go home this coming Monday. Please take the time to review them with students. You are always welcome to collaborate with teachers for support in your child's success.

Testing in April

If you have not already done so, please review the testing information sent in an email by me on 3/1/22. As a reminder, per GADOE, all students (including virtual students) must test in-person. We kindly ask to help us with attendance during the month of April to ensure all students have an opportunity to show off what they know.

Parent University
In an effort to support our families in a partnership to support students, please consider attending the informational session below:

Big picture
Big picture

Upcoming Dates

March 21st: Progress Reports distributed

March 22nd: PAC General Meeting

March 22nd: Parent University: Social Media 101

March 24th: Special Olympics @ James Halliford Stadium

March 26th: Boys & Girls Soccer Game v. Stone Mountain Middle

March 31st: Peachtree Palooza

April 4th - 8th: Spring Break (no school)

April 18th: GA Milestone testing begins

**All dates are subject to change.

Celebrating our amazing social worker

Each year, the first week of March has been identified as National School Social Work Week. This year's theme "The Time is Right for Social Work," suggests that social workers are needed now, more than ever, to address the challenges and concerns faced by many of our staff members, children, and families.

School Social Workers stand up every day by protecting children who have been abused or neglected, finding resources for physical needs such as food and housing, and often serving as a voice for children and families. They stand up by embracing all children, advocating for what is right, making positive connections, and addressing the real-time needs of the community. They also stand up by supporting their schools and the people in them every day!

School Social Workers are trained professionals who help students achieve academic success to the best of their ability. Many children are faced with challenges that may negatively impact their school progress, while unmet physical and emotional needs can interfere with a child’s learning and social adjustment. School social workers often assist to remove barriers to learning.

We want to thank Ms. Isaura Roque for her commitment to supporting our students. She continues to be an asset to Peachtree and we are grateful for her!

Best Buddies Club Success

Thank you to all the students that came together for our first Best Buddies Club event! They had an opportunity to work on crafts, read to each other and bake cookies together. Over 40 students expressed interest in participating and the turnout was great. We look forward to the shared opportunities our students have to get to know each other and make a difference in the world.

Fernbank Science Center Visit

Our 6th grade science classes had the opportunity to join the Fernbank Science Center visit in oiur cafeteria. They were able to see cool science demonstrations and information related to their learning standards.
Big picture

Orchestra Spotlight

Our orchestra students had the opportunity to participate in LPGE's and they sounds so great! Check out the video below to see it for yourself.
PMS 8th Grade Chamber Strings- Celtica- Brian Balmages

How can parents and teachers help kids become more receptive to learning?

Check out this resource below from Stanford professor Jo Boaler as she shares the importance of struggles and mistakes in the learning process and suggests how parents and teachers can help children become more receptive to learning.


New Instructional Boards!

This week the DCSD technology department updated the instructional boards in our building classrooms. This has been an ongoing facility need that we are very happy about and our teachers are already putting them to great use.

Learning Spotlight: Ms. Baker's 8th grade Science

This week students worked on waves and studied the intricacies of how they work. They used the science lab tables to take notes and process the information. They also had an opportunity to engage in kinesthetic learning through the hands-on experience of wave creation with slinkies!
Ms. Baker's Class Learns Waves

PAC Upcoming Meetings

PAC General Meeting

March 22nd at 7:15am.

Offered hybrid. In- person will be in our conference room. Virtual link is included in agenda below.

The agenda drafts below include the link to join. All families are welcome to join and listen. To participate in the meeting, non-PAC members are able to speak during public comment.

The final agenda (once the council approves) and the minutes will be posted on our school website following the meeting.


You can also find information on each of our members and the schedule of meetings for the remainder of the year. All are welcome to join and listen in!

From Our PAC - CMP Meeting Update

PAC members recently virtually met with DeKalb County School District leaders involved with the Comprehensive Master Plan. The PAC reiterated concerns previously iterated in two different letters about the implementation of K-8 schools in the area as well as general maintenance issues on campus including the condition of portable classrooms as well as the HVAC system. We were assured that the K-8 schools are not in consideration at this time and our maintenance concerns were noted. Also, there is no relief for the overcrowding at Peachtree at this time. We appreciated the opportunity to have this conversation to promote optimal physical conditions for Peachtree’s stellar leadership, staff, and students!

Thank you

-Megan Cann

Community Resources

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