honey bees rock!

by Ethan

Name Of Bug

The scintific name for a honey bee is Apis mellifera.


Honey bees live in large colonies and in hives.

Food And Diet

Honey bees eat nectar and juices from fruit.


It produces honey and it has hairey heads make there large compond eyes apper ringed with hair

Life Cycle

The Honey bees life cycle is this:The queen bee lays eggs and worker bees take care of the egg until it haches. The larva eats honey until its a bee. And depending on wich group they

belong to, Honey bees have varying life spans.


Honey bees are 3/4 of an inch in length. it also has 4 wings because its a beetle. Its also golden,brown,yellow and black and they have those colors on there abdomen.


A Honey bee can use its stinger and it pollinates and collect honey from flowers.

Honey Bee's Perdator

Harroa mites,wasps,skunks,small hive beetles

Interesting Facts About Honey Bees

1.lives up to 80,000 indavedules. 2.a hive can hold up to 50 pounds of honey. 3.one pound of honey equels millans of flowers. 4. honey bees are the only insects that produce a food that consumed by humans which is honey. 5.a Honey bee dies if it uses its stinger
Honey Bee Swarm - Honey Girl Organics Bee Swarm Capture