AHS Volleyball News

Fundraisers Galore

Tons of information below about fundraisers happening through our AHS All Sports Boosters and our very own volleyball team.

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Modell's Team Weeks

This is a seasonal fundraiser for AHS All Sports Boosters program. I was asked to distribute this to my athletes, so Happy Tuesday! The fundraiser begins on Monday, February 15th and ends on Friday, March 18th! A portion of the purchases will go back to AHS All Sports Boosters program, which in turn goes back to Volleyball. Sweet.
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Wayback Wednesdays

AHS All Sports Boosters will be having a fundraiser on Wednesdays until February 17th, which is also a Wednesday! A portion of any purchases made between 4pm-8pm will go back to AHS, All Sports Boosters, which means volleyball will also get portion of those proceeds as well. I personally enjoy the hot dogs and fries when I get a chance to go.

Blacklight Tournament

It's coming right long everyone. Quite nicely in fact! Thank you so far for your support and time. The girls have done a great job so far getting the word out and gathering people for their teams. Keep it up ladies. JV uniforms are right around the corner. I can sense them!

Volunteers Still Needed

Our event is off to a good start, but we still need some volunteers to perform some tasks. Everything is super easy and can be done in shifts so you don't get stuck in one spot all night.

  • Reffing: You just blow the whistle when you believe the ball is down, or a gross error has been made. This would include foot faults, in/out of bounds, and severe net violations. All you need is a whistle and some confidence! Easy peasy.
  • Scorekeeping: This isn't like in club. All you have to do is flip the score when a team gets a point. That's it!
  • Concessions: Helping with the food part of the event. Sell items. Tell people to have a good day and enjoy their tasty wares.
  • Baker: You can also make tasty things to sell, like brownies, cake pops, rice krispie treats etc.
  • Setup: Help with getting everything ready for the tournament such as putting up decorations, setting up Registration/Check-In tables
  • Breakdown: Help with the clean up and break down of the nets, decorations and equipment

Contact Me

If you have any questions about anything give me a shout through text or email or some other form of communication. But not carrier pigeon. I don't think people use that one anymore. It's dying. Like Twitter. FMOI @the_branderson. Have fun.