Death of Coral Reefs

Human Dependence Project

2 Main Issues

1- When coral reefs die many organisms go without homes.

2-Can spread diseases through the ocean

Dead Coral

Effects on League City

There are no effects on League City and there could never be effects on League City because theres oceans with coral in League City

Negative Effects

Coral help shores from impact from waves. Without coral there would be BIG waves hitting and damaging the shore.
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A majority of the wildlife effected id fish. Because when there are no coral reefs the fish have no where to live and they have to swim away and find a different home. And when this happens some of the fish die because they cant find their way to a new coral reef.


Some of the things that cause these coral reefs to die are blast fishing.Blast fishing is when people throw bombs in the water to make an underwater explosion that kills the fish.Also people who cut coral and bleach them to sell.Also, water pollution can get into the ocean and kill the coral.


People can stop using chemicals and letting them get to the runoff because they can spread to the ocean and kill marine wildlife.People can also stop deep sea fishing so their hook dont get caught in coral and rip it apart