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If you only can see the person in front of you for who they are right now and what they have to give right now, then before you go on reading, you need to check your priorities and what you value. If you are only concerned about the work produced rather than the people you are serving, no level of expectations and accountability will accomplish anything because they are only emptied words and promises. Love comes in actions, not just in words. To create any level of expectation and accountability that moves those you lead in a positive way, it must come from a place of love. People do not get better by your simply telling them that you have high expectations, or by setting outlandish benchmarks for them to achieve, or by telling them that they must be accountable to what they said they would do. No words or speeches create high expectations or accountability. Only love through actions over time can help people accomplish great things.

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  • our staff who has helped cover classes over the past few weeks. Our overall attendance for staff has been good! We appreciate those who have chipped in to help as subs are getting harder to find.

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 5: Grateful Friday Challenge

Goooooooood Morning SHS! It’s your weekly reminder that it’s Friday! And this is a big Friday for our kids as they have been competing with Perry (well except for Girls Soccer with the postponement of their game last night) ALL WEEK LONG. We’ve been GooseChasing, Soccering, Miracle Minuting, and tonight we head to Cardinal Stadium for some Township bragging rights. There is something special about Friday nights and High School Football - perhaps it’s nostalgia, perhaps it’s the tradition - maybe for the students it’s just a chance to socialize and be a part of something bigger than themselves for a bit.

Being in high school is a chance to try new things, meet new people, explore the world in a microcosm of safety. Students who get the most out of school are those who are involved in activities, those who go to events to support their friends, those who take the opportunities that our school provides. Kids who struggle do so because they don’t have this connection. So, what if we took time each day to help students connect to something bigger than themselves related to our school? What if we took some time to ask them how they could contribute to making our school a better place? What could each student do? What could your class do? What collectively could our school achieve?

Your #SHSGFC is to find some time today with your class to get them to think bigger than themselves.

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Amanda Schnepp

Mrs. Schnepp' Biology students are studying food webs. Students participated in a creative version of "Go Fish" during class today. Students had to trade cards to try to build an individual food chain. Then from the food chains, the students made connections to develop a food web for their given biome.

Dan Jones

Mr. Jones Pshycology students are learning about the brain. Students spent time in class discussing how action potentials in the brain allow signals to move between synapses. Students learned about all or none responses, thresholds, and refractory periods in the brain. The students then connected to concepts of how a toilet flushes to help solidify the information as they connected it to something they already know.

Bernard Cissell

Students in Advanced Accounting working on their Authentic Threads Manual Simulation problem set. Instead of just doing accounting calculations, students are given an real-world scenario and have to develop a plan and a structure to evaluate and organize the information from an accounting perspective. This is the first year that Southport High School has offered an Accounting 2 class since the late 1990s.

Thomas Wright

Mr. Wright's Orchestra students are working on a piece title Slovanic Legend. In past classes, the students have struggled with keeping the right tempo fast enough to play the piece. Mr. Wright and his students spent time working on the right tempo in playing first and then transitioned to playing Slovanic Legend using the skills they had developed.

Stacey Matlock

Mrs. Matlock's Physics students are applying what they have learned about kinetic energy to determine the acceleration of objects when they are dropped from a certain height. Students took to the main hallway to drop different-sized balls from different heights as they timed the length of each drop. Students used this information to determine if the acceleration of a falling object depends on the height of the fall.

Educational Humor

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