By: Veronica Roth


Insurgent is the second book of the Divergent series. The main character is Tris who is 16 and is trying to stop the Erudite from overthrowing the government. Jeanine Matthews who is the Erudite leader has been planning to put people in simulation so they don't know what they are doing and they make choices they wouldn't normally make. In the book Tris almost always finds herself in difficult situations where her boyfriend Tobias most come help her. Tris with the help of her friends will try to defeat Jeanine.
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Some Main characters

About the Author

Veronica Roth was born on August 19, 1988 and is 26 years old. She has written the whole Divergent series and is a very successful author. She has been married to Nelson Fitch since 2011.


1. I absolutely love this book!!!!! Its honestly the best book I have ever read!

2. I couldn't put it down. It reminded me of the hunger games except it had a bit of a twist.

3. I finished this book in one day. I could not put it down.


I believe that this book should be read by everyone who has read Divergent. I like this book because of its action throughout and the nonstop suspense of the book. I also like the futuristic but also realistic theme of the book because it forces you too think a lot. Overall I would recommend this book to read.