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Welcome to your first Smore newsletter of the spring calling semester!

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May 13, 2016

In this edition:

  • Spring fundraising progress
  • Special Recognition
  • Welcome new callers
  • Meet your new supervisors
  • Representative schedule (May 16-20)
  • Spring pay period
  • "Care Calls" - reaching our newest grads
  • Incident reports
  • Looking to Pick Up a Shift?

Spring Fundraising progress

Stats as of Monday May 9, 2016:

  • $2,260.14 raised
  • 13 pledges
  • $81.55 average pledge size
  • 69.2% credit card rate

Special Recognition Update

We will resume our Leaderboard updates on next Friday's Smore, but for now we want to give special recognition to the following team members for a job well done:

POOJA - massive congratulations on surpassing the 10K fundraising mark! Pooja has raised $11,361 since joining the SCP in 2013. She joins the list of callers who have achieved over $10,000 during their SCP career and will be featured on our Lifetime Fundraising Achievement honour roll!

RAMA - secured FOUR donations these week!

MARYAM - achieved an average pledge of $100!

CARRIE - received a donation of $150 on first ask from a recent grad!

Welcome new callers!

We are happy to welcome four new callers to the SCP team!

Danial, Aman, David and Ching are nearly done with new caller training and will be ready to join calling shifts alongside our team in the coming days. Please extend a warm welcome and be sure to lend support to them whenever needed! Marely re-joins the SCP after a few semesters away and is more than ready to get back to the phones!

Meet your new supervisors

We are very pleased to welcome our newest student supervisors to the leadership team!

Joining Grace, Maria, Anneke and Pooja this spring are Daria, Laura, Busola, Anissa and Sophie. You will see them actively learning to lead shift as well continuing to call alongside you during shift. The expansion of your leadership team means that you now have added support to address your concerns on the spot and assistance to help you achieve your professional goals! In their own words...


I'm Daria and I have two cats, Kaeto and Ozai. I have a History degree from the University of Lethbridge. In Calgary I am in the Fine Arts program majoring in Visual Arts. I will be graduating in 2018. I've been with the SCP since January 2015. My favorite part of working at the SCP is the people I work with. I've made amazing friends through the SCP and my memories with all of them are fantastic.


"Hi all! I'm Anissa and I am going into my 4th year of my combined degree in English and Business Technology Management. I have been working at the SCP since this past September and have really enjoyed my time thus far! I've grown close to many of my fellow callers here--the budding friendships, and generally getting to know more people, are really the best parts of working here for me. My favourite memory of my experience so far also happens to be my least favourite. I experienced a rough call (to say in the least) on my third ever shift and as a result had a panic attack. Aisha came to the rescue and spent a solid 25 minutes in the hall with me, making sure I was ok; this was when I realized how supportive everyone at the SCP really is. I am very excited to continue here as a supervisor! One of my goals is to be equally as supportive for everyone as Aisha was for me that day. :)"



Hey guys! My name is Busola and I am going into my 3rd year of my BA in Communications with a double minor in Business and French. I am hoping to graduate by December 2018. I've been a part of the SCP for 1 year and this is my 4th calling semester. I absolutely love the team we have and I am always looking forward to seeing it grow as well. Definitely my favourite part of the job! (:

I hope that's okay! Attached is my photo.




Hey everyone, my name is Sophie and I'm currently doing a combined degree with my BCOMM in HROD and BA in Psychology. I'm hoping to graduate of Fall 2017 or Winter 2018 (AKA I'll be in school forever). I've been at the SCP since fall of 2014 and I've had many great experiences working as a caller! I love always meeting new people and the sense of community that everyone's helped create at the call centre. I hope to further connect with everyone and help make your experiences as fun and informative as mine!


Laura Russell

Bachelor of Nursing(BN), 2018

With the SCP since January 2015

My favourite part about working at the SCP is most definitely the people! Everyone here is like a big family, always there to support each other. It's so great to work with fun, enthusiastic individuals, all with unique personalities! Looking forward to getting to know new faces and for another great year! :)

Representative Schedule May 16-20

As a courtesy, we are providing your schedule for the upcoming week! Please note that all representatives are accountable to the scheduled shifts.

If you see a discrepancy in the schedule, please get in contact with Shahla at shabibca@ucalgary.ca as soon as possible to clarify.

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FYI: Spring pay periods

May 1 - 15 (May 25 pay day)

May 16 - 31 (June 10 pay day)

June 1 - 15 (June 24 pay day)

June 16 - 30 (July 8 pay day)

Care Calls

Reaching out to our newest grads

Early next week, we will begin to reach out to our newest UCalgary grads (2015)! This is an exciting group to connect with as they can share with you their experience as a recent student and new grad entering the workforce. We are using these calls as an opportunity to welcome them to the alumni family, ensure that their contact information is up to date and to inform them about benefits and services that they can take advantage of. As these are non-fundraising calls, the focus will be on awareness and receiving feedback about their experience.

During pre-call next week, you will learn more about how to engage with our newest grads and can expect to see a special script for this group!

Incident Report

For your awareness, we are implementing a formal procedure to track incidents during shift. Any occurrences that are "out of the norm" will be documented by the supervisor on shift, signed by the SCP team member and saved in your files. Depending on the frequency or nature of the incident, a phone call will be made by the director of annual giving to the team member to address the issue. Incidents on shift (particularly during active calling periods) include, but are not limited to:

- checking personal emails

- browsing webpages that not work related/do not enhance a live call

- using cell phones or other electronic devices

- arriving late to shift/ during pre-call

- general disruptive behaviour

Please note that these all fall in your SCP guidelines. If you have any questions about this, then please contact Shahla at shabibca@ucalgary.ca.

Looking to Pick Up a Shift?

If you wish to sign up for an additional shift, then please do! Email shabibca@ucalgary.ca to let us know to expect you. Please be aware that we track Cancellations, Late Arrivals and No Shows.

If you need to call in SICK:

Monday to Thursday:

Call (403) 220-5151 and email scp@ucalgary.ca before 12:00pm


Call (403) 220-5151 and email scp@ucalgary.ca before 10:00am