Compared to Cold War

The Space Race

The battle to see who could keep one-upping each other. The Soviet Union or the United States of America. The Soviets "struck first" with the launching of Sputnik I. The United States soon had their own shot at space with the launch of Explorer I, but it took the U.S. a whole year to orbit the moon. The russians then put the first living thing into space with Sputnik II. Then came Apollo 11, this is how America won the "Space Race" they were the first to put humans (Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin) walking on the moon.


Cold War

This was the nuclear arms race between the Soviets and The U.S.A. This was basically to see who could get the most nuclear weapons then the other. the tensions got really high when the U.S. got word that the Soviets might have put short range missiles 90 miles off the coast of Florida in a place called Cuba. This was also bad because it ruined what little of a relationship that the U.S. had at all with the Cubans.