Forest fires

We Will Fight Back!

Most forest fires

Most of forest fires are caused by campfire sparks,flint,and matches, but some are caused by nature or natuaral things like lighting, drought, and even the sun! It has been said that the sun causes solar flare close enough to earth to burn up dead or dry things. Forest fires spread as fast as 25 secs and the sun helps it move.

Forest fire benifical or not?

Forest fires help in many ways one get rid of unwanted trees or it even help the W.E.D and it reduces excessive amounts of dead vegetation. It will kill small animals and insects and older or weaker individuals. It also destory's many house's.

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Huge destuction in san diego

On October 23 in 2007 a huge wildfire broke out and destoryed half of San Diego. It also killed 1 millon people and, and destoryed over 1,500 house's.

Idaho Wildfires Continue to Burn, Reaching Level 5