True Happiness

Journal #3

Today we have the choice to do a free write so I am choosing to write about true happiness. I wonder all the time what it would take for a person to be truly happy in life. For some people having nice cars and big houses will do the trick. For others it might be as simple as having your hair and nails done all the time. Everybody has different situations so there view on happiness is different.

For me I think I would truly be happy if everyone in my life meaning loved ones, friends, and co-workers got along. I just want everyone to be cool with each other in my eyes things are better when there are no problems. I find it extremely hard when I’m cool with people and there not cool with each other. When that happens then one person feels like I’m not loyal then the other feels like I like that person more than them. That’s why I make it my best interest to make sure everyone is on good terms.

Sometimes from family, friends, and school in general I can’t manage. I really want to give up and say forget it then I stop and think where will that get me? I am only one person and it gets pretty hectic sometimes but you just have to calm down and breathe. I also have some close friends that go through situations and when we talk sometimes they just seem so unhappy. So I have come up with a way to be less stressed and focus on the real goal in life which is happiness.

First off you have to understand what’s really going on in the argument, problem, and fight, whatever the situation may be. Because a lot of people are just ready to go off without even knowing what’s going on that’s the big mess up right there. Second you have to hear the other person(s) out and understand where there coming from because everyone always assumes there right. Third make sure you and the person(s) are alone so no one else can interfere with their input which is not needed and is probably not going to help. Fourth hopefully by then the person(s) and you have solved whatever it was that was going on and can drop it.

Even if you have a conflict within yourself and you really don’t understand it I feel these steps can help in a way. Life is too short to have all these problems and unnecessary stuff going on. Because it’s not worth it and it’s only doing one thing stopping your happiness. Until you do figure out the answers just know that you have to make it and keep going. One day true happiness will come and life will be relaxed and at peace.