SPED Weekly Update

Week of May 4th

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Preaching to the choir but may want to share with our colleagues...

Amendment Meeting Reminder from Melissa F.


Please be sure to change the IEP start date to the date of the amendment meeting along with all the start dates on the service/placement tab in Aspen (except for dates that are for services in the future ex.. ESY services or services for next year). If dates are not changed then these IEPs are coming up as errors in Census because it will not accept two IEPs with all the same dates. If you have recently had an amendment meeting please be sure the dates are correct. If they need to be changes you can do that even if the IEP has been activated - just be sure to print the new pages and replace the old ones in all the files including sending an updated one to Karen at Special Ed.

Any special events of life changing things happening for any of our team?

Please let me and Brianne know if you know of any things that need to be celebrated so that the sunshine club will know and can plan something.
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RULE 6: SUNSHINE!! :) yahhh for Sunshine