Worldwide Spread of Ebola

this years spread of ebola from Africa to the United States!

Information to know about Ebola:

You might have heard all over the news about the spread of a deadly disease Ebola. This disease kills about 90% of the people who get it and only 10% survive. So far, there's no cure or vaccine for ebola just a treatment that doctors don't know for sure would help the patient live. The certain symptoms you get before you can diagnosed if you have ebola or not is you feel is some sort of fever , weakness, muscle pain, headache and a sore throat, these symptoms would appear between 2 to 21 days. Scientist and doctors are trying their best to stop ebola from spreading any further and to actually find a cure and stop people of having the fear of leaving their home knowing they might get this disease and not being able to live on their lives.
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this is a vision of the virus ebola that mostly everyone compares to look like the Disney symbol^

The Spread of Ebola

1. the virus first intertwines with the cells lining respiratory tracts

2. the virus is released into the cell

3. the virus takes over the cell

4. the virus starts to spread to the other cells and take over it as well