Criminal Justice

By Marco Rodas


Criminal Justice is a career where you gather , analyze , compile and report information regarding individuals or organizations to clients or detect occurrences of unlawful acts or infractions in privates establishment.I choose this career because I like to learn about\

Career Research

Daily tasks etc:

Write reports or case summaries to document investigation. Alert appropriate personnel to suspects' locations.Investigate companies' financial standings or locate funds stolen by embezzlers, using accounting skills. Perform undercover operations, such as evaluating the performance or honesty of employees by posing as customers or employees. Expose fraudulent insurance claims or stolen funds.

Education and Training: For criminal justice you have to get a degree of 5 years and then you have to go in to the Police Academy to get training and then you have to take tests to see if you are able to work in a Police Station.There are many Academy , There is one for FBI , CIA , SWAT , and DEA.

Preferred Job Skills:

Active Listening:Be able to listing carefully to make correct decisions.

Make Decisions:Be able to solve problems and make the better decision to solve it,

Critical thinking: Be able to think a lot without get desperate.

Job Outlook: There are a lot of Job Outlook because there is a lot of crime in any country so this kind of career is going to increase because there are going to be a lot of crime to fight.

Salary: The salary in this career depends of how many experience or how much do you know about it. The first years you would make around $70,560.

Work Environment: The working condition is hard because you have to think a lot and make difficult decisions and also there are risks.Some risk are that you can died , you can put your family in risk or you can have serious accidents.

Related Courses at Leyden: In Leyden there are not curses related to criminal justice but there are some curses that can helped you , for example:

Psychology: Learn how to understand people and how to deal with them.Law:Learn rules to put in practice.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Interact Club : You can meet new people and learn new things with them.

Work and/or Volunteer Experience:May be you can work or be volunteer in a Police station , you can talk anyone that worked there and ask of you can be there for a few days to learn more about police officer and may be help them to do work.


  1. Byron Rodas , uncle - FBI officer- US Marine

  2. John Gigs - Police officer

  3. Jaimito Sanchez-Police officer

Internship/Apprenticeship Opportunities:

Work at security guard in the beach, work in any place that you have to follow rules and make people follow


In conclusion i learned a lot of things of this career that i didn't know. For example i learned that this career is very dangerous for you and your family, also i learned that there are many academy's with many different types of areas , for example there are academy's for became a FBI officer , a normal Police officer , SWAT academy and DEA. I like this career because it sounds like an awesome career if you like to think a lot and also if you like to be a person who takes difficult decisions.
Criminal Justice
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