Welcome to Correia Middle School

August 28, 2022

Welcome Back - First Day of School is Monday August 29th

The school day starts at 8:00 AM. First bell rings at 7:55 AM. Gates will open at 7:40 AM and the cafeteria opens for breakfast opens at 7:45 AM. Students who missed orientation can pick up Welcome Packets with schedules in the Correia Quad starting at 7:40 AM. School ends at 2:45 PM. View our bell schedule.


All students must have the required documentation needed in order to enter classes on the first day of school. All 7th graders must have verification of immunizations for:

  • Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis - 1 dose

  • Varicella (Chickenpox) - 2 doses

For students still needing to show proof of immunizations, parent(s) please bring the required paperwork to school showing that all immunizations are up-to-date.

We want to ensure that all students start classes the first day. Unfortunately, without verification students will be held in the office or counseling center and students will be asked to call home to be picked up.

Student Drop-Off Safety

Expect traffic delays during student drop-off and pick-up during the first week of school. If you are dropping off in front of Correia please drop students on sidewalks, not in the middle of the street. PLEASE do not drop students off at the corners. We have the upper parking lot and lower parking lot available for drop-off. In addition, many parents drop off students at the back gate on Famosa (near Cleator Filed) and students walk into campus through the field. Our administrative team will be monitoring the crossing areas to support student safety. We ask that you please obey all traffic laws. Please be patient. The safety of our kids is important!


The bike rack is located at the end of the bungalows on the lower field near the lower parking lot. Students should keep their bikes locked at all times. There will be rolling recycling bins that are used to store skateboards. Bins will be located at the main entrance. Skateboards must be labeled for identification. Students must wear a helmet to school to earn the privilege of storing a skateboard on campus. We offer this service as a courtesy to our beach community! Students who arrive late with a skateboard and/or without a helmet will lose the privilege of bringing their skateboard to school.

General Information

Our main office is open every day from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you would like to communicate with a staff member, please check our staff webpage for email addresses. Email is the most efficient method of communication for busy parents and teachers. You may also call our main office at 619-560-4809.

Correia proudly employs two full-time counselors to support your child's well-being. If you have questions or need support please use the following information to identify your child's counselor:

Last Names A-K Jessica Moreno- jmoreno1@sandi.net

Last Names L-Z: Estella Acosta- eacosta1@sandi.net

Both counselors can also be reached by calling 619-560-4809 x3056 or 3057.

If your child must be absent from school, please call 619-560-4809 to report the absence.

Schedule Changes

As much as we try, there will be some scheduling errors. Therefore, please accept my sincerest apologies should your child be impacted. Examples of an "error" include:

  • Scheduled for Spanish 3-4 when a student has not taken Spanish 1-2

  • Scheduled for 8th grade English Language Arts when the child is a 7th grader

  • Scheduled for duplicate classes two physical education classes or two electives.

Should your child's schedule reflect an error similar to one of the above examples, please be assured that corrections will be made as soon as possible.

The following examples are considered "non-errors" and would require the completion of a Schedule Change Request form. Changes may take up to three weeks and may result in a total schedule change. Our site schedule involves many factors and relies on space availability and the assurance that it does not hinder another student's schedule.

  • Students assigned to a class taught by someone other than their "favorite" or "preferred" teacher

  • Students assigned to classes that don't have their "best friends" also enrolled

  • Students assigned to an elective class that wasn't their "first" (and maybe even not their "second") choice

We ask that students go to the classes they are assigned until we can make the necessary corrections. Our counselors and site technician are trained to handle the scheduling of students. Therefore, I respectfully request your patience as we work our way through the first few weeks of the school year toward ensuring that students are in the correct classes.

Schedule/Elective Change Requests

Please visit the Correia Counseling Page to request a schedule change. We ask that students go to the classes they are assigned until we can make the necessary corrections. Thank you for your patience.

Rotating Bell Schedule

During the 2021-2022 school year, our SSC and SGT review student data and looked for areas of improvement. Through the analysis of multi-year data sets, it was evident that student performance declined after lunch through the later periods of the day.

In order to provide an equitable solution to this decline, Correia's School Site Council and Governance teams voted to implement a rotating 6-period day. This rotating schedule allows all students to experience all disciplines at equitable times throughout each week.

Correia will begin the rotating schedule next Wednesday. Please visit the calendar below for the rotating daily schedule for Semester 1.

Bell Schedule

Click to see the rotating bell schedule calendar.

Interested in Middle School Sports

SDUSD is happy to announce the continuation of the middle school sports program. This fall basketball and track & field will be offered. For more information please follow the links below:


This year our school picture company will be Jostens Photography and Yearbook. All school photos will be linked to our school yearbook (based on parent permissions). In addition, Jostens offers more affordable pricing and delivery options.

Ordering information will be sent out this week!


PE Uniforms are currently on sale.Correia accepts cash (small bills please & exact change is preferred) or check. The clothing and cost of items are as follows:

  • P.E. Shirt: $7

  • P.E. Shorts: $7

  • Performance Wear $8

  • P.E. Lock: $6 (Combination padlocks are the only locks allowed on the P.E. lockers

  • P.E. Sweatshirt: $16

  • P.E. Sweatpants: $16

You are under no obligation to purchase PE clothing from Correia Middle School. Instead, you may send your child prepared to participate in PE with the following:

  • PLAIN (no logos or print) grey or royal blue shorts

  • PLAIN (no logos or print) white or grey crew neck t-shirts

  • PLAIN (no logos or print) sweatpants (grey or royal blue)

Students will not suit up the first week of school!

Health and Safety Updates

Most of the safety and health guidelines are the same as last year. One big update is the masking requirement. The last few weeks of summer school we were required to mask indoors, but, this week SDUSD rescinded that mandate. See this Link: SDUSD Health Update 8-15-22 for the latest message. Also, see this Link: Health and Safety Guidelines for the overall health and safety guidelines for your reference.

Food and Nutrition Services 2022-23

During the 2022-23 school year, students may choose to receive one breakfast and one lunch at no cost. Students will be required to use their district pin number to receive the meals. Student pins are located at the top of student schedules.

During the first week of school pin entering will not be required.

For more details about the SDUSD Food and Nutrition Programs, see Universal Meals (FAQ).

PowerSchool Is Live!

PowerSchool is now available for all students and parents with current accounts. New students will receive their accounts at school. Parent Connection accounts transfer from one school to another as your child matriculates. Parents who do not have an existing ParentConnection account can create one by following the “Create an Account” directions found on the link above. A job-aid is available as well. You will need the following information when creating an account:

  • Student Name: INSERT NAME

  • Access ID: INSERT ID

  • Access Password: INSERT PASSWORD

In order for you to receive all communications please verify your email address is entered correctly.

The link to the PowerSchool student and parent portal is powerschool.sandi.net/public .


All Correia students will receive a Correia Middle School Student Planner, compliments of our FODAC Association! The planner is an important tool in promoting school success. Correia teachers will provide instruction and tips for planner use during the first few weeks of school. This year, our Correia Planner Pages will be posted electronically and reviewed by teachers. These pages will include... school rules, dress code, attendance policy, and other important policies.


School is closed Monday, September 5th in observance of Labor Day. Labor Day is observed in the U.S. on every first Monday in September as a day to recognize the contributions of American workers of all industries to the U.S. economy.


Mark your calendar - Thursday, September 22nd from 5:30-7:30 PM. Correia Administration will hold a Parent Meeting before Curriculum Night at 5:00 PM. The purpose of this event is for you to learn about the curriculum directly from your child's teachers. More detailed information will be posted on our website in September and sent home through our SMORE Newsletter.

Required Parent Notification of ELPAC, CAASPP, and Physical Fitness Test

SDUSD is required to inform parents of yearly testing. See the following notification in a variety of languages:

Link: Testing Notification English

Link: Testing Notification Spanish

Link: Testing Notification Tagalog

Link: Testing Notification Vietnamese


If you are receiving this newsletter and your child will not be attending Correia, please email Mr. McDade @ jmcdade@sandi.net and Joyce McDonald @ jmcdonald1@sandi.net with your child's new school of attendance.

Thank you!