NEWESD 101 Science Kit Cooperative

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Science Kit Cooperative and Materials Support

NEWESD 101 offers both a Science Kit Cooperative as well as Materials Support to our districts. Please read below for more information.

What is the Science Kit Cooperative?

Any public or private school/district residing in the NEWESD 101 region is eligible to join the Science Kit Cooperative.

We currently serve approximately 200 teachers and over 800 students in 22 districts (28 buildings) within the NEWESD 101 region.

Our goal is to provide quality hands-on materials and professional development that allow for successful implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in the Physical, Earth, and Life science strands with a STEM focus.

Students are more engaged and focused when working on hands-on investigations - even those who fidget during larger group sessions. This style of learning helps all types of learners, from kinesthetic to social to tactile as well as our high-needs and special education students. The investigations are phenomenon-based in order to "hook" the students and help them engage during their learning.

We would love the opportunity to discuss our program with you and see how we might be able to work together!

Beth Worthy

Science Kit Program Manager

How It Works

Participating districts purchase a share in the kits which are rotated among different schools throughout the year on a trimester-based schedule. This sharing of ownership of the kits make equitable science access more cost-effective across all of our districts.

What Has Changed in the Science Kit Cooperative?

If you have never been a member of the Cooperative before, or if you had been at one time, we have made some changes in the past year.

Each unit supports one classroom of students. For elementary, grades K-2 support up to 24 students per class and grades 3-5 support up to 30 students. For middle school, grades 6-8 support up to 32.

Through a generous grant from Innovia, we are now able to offer the newest version of the K-5 kits: the "Building Blocks of Science (BBS) 3D" version. This allows more complete access to digital resources for the kits, allowing teachers to assign activities and student book reading online. The new Smithsonian STC-MS kits have been adopted for grades 6-8, which also have access to digital resources.

COVID Precautions. We take COVID precautions seriously. The investigation materials in the kits have been packaged differently than in the past. When it was possible, we packaged the materials individually for students or tried to bring down from groups of 4 to pairs. This wasn't always possible given the types of materials in the kits, but we did so where we were able. (It may be necessary for schools to buy-in to more kits to ensure students receive 1:1 materials.) Items such as safety glasses are washed during refurbishment periods, items such as clay and playdough are packaged wearing gloves. Our staff at the Kit Center are always masked.

Professional Development

The Science Kit Center offers professional development around the science kits. This training helps teachers get to know their kits so they are able to confidently use the materials to teach their students.

Trainings are offered individually to teachers, to a cohort of teachers remotely or in-person to ensure your teachers are getting the information they need to best teach the kits.

Science Kit Offerings

Grades K-5: Buildings Blocks of Science 3D


  • Push, Pull, Go (P)
  • Weather & Sky (E)
  • Living Things & Their Needs (L)

1st Grade

  • Light & Sound Waves (P)
  • Sky Watchers (E)
  • Exploring Organisms (L)

2nd Grade

  • Matter (P)
  • Earth Materials (E)
  • Ecosystem Diversity (L)

3rd Grade

  • Forces & Interactions (P)
  • Weather & Climate Patterns (E)
  • Life in Ecosystems (L)

4th Grade

  • Energy Works! (P)
  • Changing Earth (E)
  • Plant & Animal Structures (L)

5th Grade

  • Structures & Properties of Matter (P)
  • Earth & Space Systems (E)
  • Matter & Energy in Ecosystems (L)

Grades 1-5: Engineering is Elementary

  • Seeing Animal Sounds (1)
  • Designing Windmills (2)
  • Making Work Easier (3)
  • Evaluating a Landscape (4)
  • Designing Water Filters (5)

Grades 6-8: Smithsonian STC-MS

6th Grade

  • Electricity, Waves & Information Transfer (P)
  • Weather & Climate (E)
  • Structure & Function (L)

7th Grade

  • Matter and its Interactions (P)
  • Earth's Dynamic Systems (E)
  • Ecosystems & Interactions (L)

8th Grade

  • Energy, Forces & Motion (P)
  • Space Systems Exploration (E)
  • Genes & Molecular Machines (L)

For a detailed description of what each kit title covers, please visit our website at: and click on Kit Descriptions & Information.

Kit Materials Costs

Elementary K-5 Science Kits
  • Buy-in (per kit per trimester): $270
  • Refurbishment (per kit): $275

Engineering is Elementary Supplemental Kits
Included in cost of kit; sent out by request.

Extensions Kits

Included in cost of kit; sent out by request.

Middle School 6-8 Science Kits

  • Buy-in (per kit per trimester): $1500
  • Refurbishment (per kit): $275
  • Middle school extra classroom set of consumables: $125
    (When one teacher is teaching multiple sections of the same class).

Materials Support

Along with the Science Kit Cooperative, we are also able to order materials support/refurbishment services for curriculums that are outside the scope of our offered titles. For example, we are able to offer supplies for the refurbishment of Project Lead the Way (PLTW), OpenSciEd, etc.


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Beth Worthy
Science Kit Program Manager
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Michelle Grove

Elementary Regional Science Coordinator

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Tammie Schrader

Secondary Regional Science Coordinator

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Director of Teaching & Learning

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