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Why Fad Diets Don't Work

Fad diets are the classic “low calorie” diets. What many people fail to understand is that after several weeks of low calorie intake, their metabolism slows down significantly. At the same time, the body begins to break down muscle to use as energy. Because of this, weight lost is water weight and lean muscle loss in addition to fat loss. After a while of low calorie eating, the body begins to think it is getting starved, so it goes into storing mode. Once an individual goes back to eating a normal calorie intake, the body stores the extra calories, unable to burn all of them with the slow metabolism resulting in weight being gained back. Rather than use a fad, or low calorie, diet, (or any diet for that matter) simply eat nutritious foods that will provide your body with the nutrients it needs. This along with consistent exercise habits will allow you to gradually lose weight that will stay off.

Normal American Dietary Intake v. What Should Be Taken In

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These results may surprise you, that many people eat fewer calories and fewer carbohydrates than recommended, but they do eat significantly more Trans Fat, Saturated Fat, Sodium, Dietary Cholesterol, and Sugar than recommended. Combine this with poor exercise habits and you have the unhealthy American lifestyle.
*Note these are AVERAGES for individuals 19-39 who are moderately active, these amounts may change with body composition, size, weight, and fitness goal.

Eat This Instead of That!

Greek Yogurt instead of Sour Cream

Almonds instead of Peanuts

Frozen Yogurt instead of Ice Cream

Fruit cup or salad instead of French Fries when available

Grilled meat instead of Fried Meat

Fresh Fruit instead of Fruit Snacks

Caprese Salad instead of Pizza

Brown Rice instead of White Rice

Wheat Bread instead of White Bread

Carrots and Hummus instead of Chips and Salsa