Twisted Ten Present:

Pre-Health Bar Crawl

Join Us!

Get ready to kick off the new semester with a BAR CRAWL and hang out with other Pre-Health students! There is going to be great games, great music and great amounts of liquor.

We also wanna see our non-Pre-Health students make an appearance and party with us before the semester takes a turn!

Pre-Health Pregame/Bar Crawl

Wednesday, Jan 23rd, 8:30pm

408 E Healey St

Champaign, IL

Pre-game at 408 E Healey, Apt #111

Members (you know who you are): Free!
Non-members: $3

18 to Enter, 21 to Drink!

The Line-Up

8:30-10pm: Pre-Game

10 PM: Firehaus
11 PM: Clys
12 PM: Joes
1 AM: Red Lion
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Any Questions Or Concerns:

Contact Krunal Bodalia (847) 254-6594