Concepts of Print

By: Katie Sargent

What is Concepts of Prints?

What emergent readers need to understand about how printed languages works and represents languages.

*That a book is for reading

* The function and location of a book's front, back, top, and bottom

* How to turn the pages properly

*Where to begin reading

*The functions of print and pictures

*Title, author, and illustrator

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There is an interactive relationship between a learner's development of a concept of print of a word and phonemic awareness (Morris, Bloodgood, Lomax, & Perney, 2003).

Johns (1981) found that a student's kindergarten print awareness was highly predictive of end-of-year, first grade reading achievement.

Concepts of print knowledge plays a critical role in early reading development (Heibert, Pearson, Taylor, Richardson, & Paris, 1998).

Learning the concepts of print early on influences children's language development, phonemic awareness, phonics, word reading, and reading/writing development (Morris, 1993; Roberts 1992).


Concepts of Print Demonstration

This video identifies parts of a book and gives a better understanding of it. This video shows if a student can read left to right, know the locations of a book front, back, top, and bottom, and can point to the title, author, and illustrator.
Concept of print

Concepts of Print Resource

I have chosen to do Reading Rockets again since it is such a great and useful web page for future teachers. This as well gives the definition of concepts of print, how to understand this topic, when it should be assessed, and as well as useful assessment questions.

Concepts of print Activty

I found this great activity for a teacher to do with her whole class! I found this activity on Reading Resource that covers concepts of print. It allows them to practice this topic and how concepts of print is all around us, and getting them engaged in this topic as a whole class! Also, there are 5 different activities in this link that you could do with your class!

Concepts of Print Worksheet

I found this picture on Pinterest! This is a great worksheet for students to do on their own when practicing concepts of print! This will allow students to identify the letter, word, and sentence and match the pictures that go with each of them.
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