New Family Info for First Days

Some logistical info

Welcome to Civano

We are so excited to have you join our little school and community! We know that there’s always some confusion around the first days, so I wanted to try to clear that up. I know that this is a lot of information, but I’d rather give too much than not enough.

You will receive a parent hand-book with all of this information (and so much more) in your Tuesday folder, but that doesn’t help you for Monday!

First, the 2 schools have different start times:

• Upper School, Grades 5-8, gates open 7:45am, first bell at 8:10am

• Lower School, Grades K-4, gates open 8:00am, first bell at 8:24am

Community Time

Each morning the whole school gathers for community time to listen to announcements, share big news, and sing. This is a very special time for our community and is considered the first class of the day. We expect all students to participate in this community building experience, as it sets the tone for the day. Upper school students will start their day on their campus and then travel to the lower school together to participate. The gates and the office will be locked right after the 8:24 bell. Students who get to school after 8:24 are considered tardy and will need to wait until community time is over to enter school.

We love it when our families join us during community time but we ask for the following courtesies:

• Enter the community time area before the 8:24 am bell.

• If you need to talk to a teacher, please arrange to meet with them before community time starts, as all teachers are required to attend community time.

• Refrain from having conversations during this time, as it can be distracting.

• Don’t leave before community time is over.

• Silence your cell phones and be technology free.

• If you are sitting with your child, please be active community time participants.

• We love younger siblings to attend, but the focus is on the first class of the day for students in grades K-8. If your younger child becomes a distraction, please leave the area, so our students can focus on community time.

Snacks and Lunches

Students should bring a healthy snack and lunch to school each day. We also offer hot lunch most Tuesdays through Fridays. You must order lunch ahead of time online.


Dismissal is at 3:00 PM for all K-8 students. Please pick up your child promptly. Please discuss your child’s going home plans clearly with them every day so they know what to do after school.

Car Drop-Off and Pick-Up:

Lower School:The area on the south side of the school, along Drexel Road, is for drop off only (8-8:24) and pick up only (2:45-3:15). To drop off or pick up your child, pull into this area heading west. If you are using this area during these times, you MUST remain in your car. When in the drop off/pick up area, please refrain from conversations with teachers on duty or other parents. Student-to-student play dates should not be arranged during dismissal. This will help us avoid last minute confusion over who goes where.

Upper School: Enter the pick-up area from the west. Pull all the way forward in the pick-up area so other cars can pull in behind you. Stay in your car while in the pick-up line in order to keep traffic moving smoothly. If you have children at both schools, have your upper school student walk across the crosswalk and join the lower school pick-up line.

Car Pick-up Line Safety:

Safety of our kids is a top priority during the pick-up time. Please review these key points and share with anyone who will be picking up your child.

· No phones or texting are allowed in the pick-up line.

· When possible, have your children enter the car from the curb side and locate your child’s car seat on the curb-side, so they can safely get in the car without going into the traffic lane.

· Please drive VERY cautiously during pick-up. We want adults to be able to pick up their children in a safe and timely manner.

Parent Pick-Up:

Lower School: If you would like to walk in and pick-up your child, please park in the lot at the school or the dirt lot just east of the school. Enter the gate by the kitchen and head to the tables in the MPR. From there, students will be dismissed to you when they see you waiting. Please DO NOT ENTER the main gate by the office as students who walk or ride bikes are all trying to exit that direction.

Upper School: If you would like to walk in and pick-up your child, please park in the lot at the school or the dirt lot just east of the school. Wait by the bench just outside the gate.

Again, welcome to Civano Community School, we hope you'll feel like part of our school community on day one, but if there's anything we can do to help you settle in, please let me know.


BJ Madsen

Civano Community School

Kindergarten and Lead Teacher