Wichita Tribe

By Peyton Fadely

Food and Tools

They weren't nomadic, so they lived in villages and farmed. Some of their main crops were maize, pumpkins, squash, and beans. Although they lived by rivers they did not fish, they hunted buffalo. For hunting they used the bow and arrow. They made sharp tools with obsidian.

Location and Homes

They lived in villages, their homes were cone shaped houses with adobe coverings. They lived in the Northern part of the Coastal Plains and the North Central Plains, but were moved to a reservation in Oklahoma.

Religion and Leadership

The Wichita's religious leader was a

shaman.They believed in the nature

forces around them. The Wichita

tribe followed a chief and a sub-

chief. They weren't a dictator, they

were like presidents, they talked

things over with the villagers and

warriors first. You were kept in

line by your relatives.

Facts and Characteristics

  • For transportation they used dogs to carry a sled of belongings.
  • Wichita artists are known for pottery, bead-work, and hide paintings.