¡Quiero Ayudar! Let Me Help!

Project by: Laura Cox

¡Quiero Ayudar! Let Me Help!

The story is about a parrot who wants to find a way to help out his family with the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Perico (parrot), tried multiple ways to try to help his family. First he tried to help with the making of the tamales, the flowers for the float, and the girls' hair. Towards the end of the book Perico found the perfect way to help by being a decoration for the family's float.


Cinco de Mayo: Is a day to show respect (remember) the battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1861 when the Mexican army defeated the French, who invaded Mexico.

Fiesta: Party or celebration.

Cinco de Mayo today

Today, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the contributions of all Latinos to life in our society (the United States).
Cinco De Mayo For Kids | Facts You Need To Know About Cinco De Mayo


Traditions are the passings of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. For example I am Native American so we have storytellers that pass down stories of our culture from generation to generation (Grandpa to Grandchild). What are some traditions your family celebrates?

On your desk you'll find a blank piece of paper. I want you to draw me a picture of a tradition your family celebrates. Then explain the picture to a partner. When everyone is done, I'll pick several groups to share aloud with the class.


http://www.apl.org/staffpicks/¡quiero-ayudar-let-me-help - the picture of the book

http://mindthismagazine.com- the picture of the girls dancing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEbccrnFbsM- for Cinco de Mayo Video

¡Quiero Ayudar! Let Me Help! By: Alma Flora Ada, Illustrated by: Angela Dominguez- book.

Then paper- provided by student teacher

crayons-provided by students


when I handed the notes to my teacher that morning she pulled me aside later and said this is your lesson? I was expecting an actual lesson plan. While I was teaching the lesson I noticed that the video I choose was a little fast and hard to comprehend. I also, noticed that some of my wording was not at second grade level. towards the end I needed to work a bit on classroom management. Otherwise, it was a fairly good lesson. Could definitely improve though.