Goffs School

Newsletter - June 2017

House Events

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Calin Resmerita for winning the Spelling Bee on Friday 26th May! Beating 37 other competitors, Calin won the competition and £50 worth of vouchers. Special recognition should also go to Isaac Bode, who placed second, and Erdal Nacakgedigi, who came third. All three year seven boys did themselves proud.

Public Speaking Competition

On the morning of Friday 16th June, the finals of the whole school public speaking competition will be taking place. The judging panel will consist of staff and governors, who will decide upon our school-wide winner. Stay tuned for the results..!

The Creative Community Showcase

On Friday 14th July from 3.30-5pm, the House team will be working in unison with Art, Food Tech, Drama, Music and Textiles to host 'The Creative Community Showcase'. The event will be a celebration of our school community's cultural differences, creative talents and a lovely way to end a very successful year. All parents, governors and students past and present are invited to join us for a cold drink, a canapé or two and to have a wander around our phenomenal exhibition, so be sure to keep an eye out for further information.

Student SDP Survey

The House system did extremely well in the student School Development Plan survey with 75% of students agreeing or strongly agreeing that our school has a good sense of community (which is a 9% increase from last year) and the House system was named as a key strength of the school. We really do appreciate your feedback and will endeavour to build upon this year's successes next year.

Already, House events this year have raised over £4,000 for Great Ormond Street hospital, more than tripling the amount raised last year.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all involved in helping us to raise such an impressive amount and could not have done so without your continuous support.

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Forthcoming Shows

Bugsy Malone

The Drama department proudly presents this year’s school show…..Bugsy Malone:

21st, 22nd and 23rd June, 7pm start

Tickets are £5.00 each for adults and £2.50 each for children/concessions and are available from the drama department.

Please come along and show your support for our amazing students!

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Dance Show

Goffs Presents... Legends, Divas and Superstars. There will be songs for everyone ranging from Beyoncé to The Beatles!

Thursday 6th July and Friday 7th July, 7.30-9.30pm

Please come and support the amazing talent that we have here, there are over 80 students in this show.

Tickets are £3.00 each and are available from the PE office at lunch times.

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Mental Health Newsletter

Fantastic News: Place to Be is now at Goffs!

Place to Be is an on-site counselling service for students mainly in years 7-9. Place to Be are a charity supported by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and we are very excited to have this provision now at our school.

Place to Be run drop in sessions for students at break and lunch times, sessions of counselling on a referral basis and support for students and staff with ongoing difficulties including bereavement, 1:1 support and peer support. Please free to contact Jennie Robinson at jr@goffs.herts.sch.uk if you have any queries regarding this.

In other mental health news, we are regularly updating students about where to get help if they need it, and supporting campaigns in school such as Heads Together, Time to Change and Stamp out Stigma. These are key charities that can support students and families with mental health issues. Please make sure you follow our Goffs Twitter page @Goffs_School for regular updates.

Students can also access additional support via Linda Noble, our school Counsellor, and Liz Allum and Sue Pressney our fully trained Mental Health First Aiders.

The school are also running very successful Mindfulness sessions for students taking exams. These sessions are designed to help students feel calm and less ‘stressed out’ before their exams. We are looking to develop this for students across the school.

Obviously we are all very shocked and saddened about the recent terror attacks, and if your son or daughter is affected by this in any way then please do not hesitate to contact us for additional support. Please find below an ‘information for parents’ leaflet, which we have received from CAMHS.

Coming up this term: we are holding a mental health conference for students to gain feedback and suggestions about how to improve mental health support at school. We are also having a Wellbeing week in July to promote key areas such as keeping fit and healthy, taking about mental health and where to access support.

If you have any queries or concerns do not hesitate to contact me: Liz Allum, eal@goffs.herts.sch.uk

Information for Children and Young People and Families

Manchester Arena Terror Incident 22nd May 2017

Following the tragic incident at the MEN Arena on the 22nd May, we recognise that many children and young people and parents/carers supporting children and young people will be shocked and saddened by what took place. Children and young people in particular may have questions and it can be difficult to know what to say.

There are approaches that support children and young people through this time more effectively which include:

· Let them know that you understand their feelings.

· Listen to children, give them the opportunity to talk if and when they want to.

· Be consistent and reassuring.

· Continue to keep routines and normal daily activities.

· Keep in touch with school/college about supporting a consistent approach.

· Keep them from seeing too much of the frightening pictures of the event.

Here are some guidelines on how you can respond to children and young people. We have included some links for more detailed guidance for children, young people parents/carers and professionals. Many young people do not go onto develop mental health conditions and recover naturally, however, if symptoms are severe or continue beyond 2- 4 weeks further specialist mental health advice and support can be accessed via your GP or schools/colleges.

Advice if you're upset or made anxious by the news:

(Appropriate for children and young people primary school age and upwards)


(Appropriate for older young people 13-25 years)


Coping after a traumatic event:


Supporting children after a frightening event: for parents/carers/professionals:



Talking about terrorism- Tips for Parents


Goffs Graduation 2017

On Friday 26 May, the Year 13 class of 2010 celebrated the end of their time at Goffs with our traditional Goffs’ Graduation and Awards Ceremony. The day began with students donning Goffs blue gowns and mortar boards, complete with customised blue tassels and 2017 badges. They then made their way to the Hall for a whole year photo, which made a wonderful memento of very special group of young people.

The Leavers’ Assembly included words of advice and appreciation by Principal, Mrs Garner and Mrs Wilson, Director of Learning for year 13. Formal awards were then presented for Sporting, Dramatic and Musical achievement, as well as for contribution to the school and for academic commitment. The Graham Brewster Cup for contribution to the Sixth Form went to Navin Wijesiri, for his work in the LRC and his commitment to the House system. The prestigious Parker Cup went to Lucy Mc Cann for her many contributions to school leadership throughout her time at Goffs. Other cups awarded were:

Outstanding Progress at KS5 – Rodja Kurt

Contribution to Music – Hannah Grainger

Contribution to Drama – Bethany Bates

Coulshed Cup for Sport – Conor Cotton

As the students’ Director of Learning during their first years at Goffs, Mr White had both moving and amusing memories to share, as well as some highly engaging footage and photos from lower school events. Head Boy, Ryan Andrew, and Head Girl, Eleanor Turner, then took centre stage for a numerically based trip down memory lane, recounting the thousands of cheese paninis consumed by the year group over their seven years at Goffs, as well as thanking staff and fellow students for all their support.

The assembly was completed by the Top Team who had organised their own special student awards. These ranged from best couple through to the person most likely to make a million. The recipients were awarded with suitably creative and well-chosen prizes.

The day was rounded off with a delicious buffet, featuring a two tier graduation cake created by the multi-talented Ms Camacho, Head of Business. Students are now looking forward to their Leavers’ Prom at De Vere, Theobalds in July, where they will finally be able to celebrate finishing their exams and completing their vocational qualifications.

We are really proud of the young adults that our Year 13 students have become and of all their achievements throughout their time at Goffs. On behalf of all the staff, we wish them the very best of luck with their results this summer and for their future education and careers.

The Sixth Form Team

eSafety from Herts for Learning eSafety Newsletter

NSPCC warns that Yellow app is like ‘Tinder for teens’

Many teenagers worldwide are signing up to use the Yellow app. Yellow advertises as a ‘free way to make new chat friends’. It has been compared to the adult dating app Tinder as users swipe right to like someone and left to pass. Users must be 13+ to sign‑up for the Yellow app. According to the terms of service, users between the ages of 13 – 17 years old should have parental permission before signing up or creating an account. The NSPCC has raised huge concerns about the app as teenagers are publicly sharing sexually suggestive photographs of themselves which can easily be accessed by strangers. When two users ‘like’ each other they can chat by adding each other on picture messaging service Snap Chat. Yellow has no checks in place to verify the age of anyone joining the app. Check out the online safety concerns raised by the Internet Matters Team. Visit: http://bit.ly/2nvHUc9

Kayleigh’s Love Story

This is a chilling five minute film to show young people and adults the dangers of grooming and sexual exploitation. It documents the true story of the murder of Kayleigh. Kayleigh, a 15 year old school girl, was groomed online via Facebook over a 15 day period before being raped and murdered. The video ends with a warning: “Stop and think. When you meet someone online, you don’t always know who you are talking to.” The film has been made by Leicestershire Police with the support of Kayleigh Haywood’s family and would have a 15 rating if shown in a cinema. There is a fact sheet that has been published that contains information for parents and carers about online grooming and signs and behaviours to watch out for. http://bit.ly/2ocqfVj Watch the full film on YouTube: http://bit.ly/2o6h4cj

Sexting, Selfies and Nudies

When people talk about sexting, they usually mean sending and receiving naked pictures or ‘nudies’, ‘underwear shots’, sexual photographs or rude text or video messages. For young people under 18 it is against the law for anyone to take or have a sexual photo of them – even if it’s a selfie. A study last year for the NSPCC and children’s commissioner found 13% of 11 to 16 year olds reported that they had taken topless pictures of themselves and 3% had taken fully naked pictures of themselves. It is an issue that has become increasingly worrying for parents. A YouGov survey found that parents were now more concerned about the impact of sexting on their children than about alcohol and drug abuse. The NSPCC website is a good source of information for parents and helps explain the risks of sexting. It offers advice on how to talk to your child about this issue. Visit: http://bit.ly/SexT55

Cyberbullying ‘Letter X’ game on Snapchat

The ‘Letter X’ game is a new craze and involves targeting one person that several people know and posting mean and nasty comments about them. It starts by one member of a group chat sending the letter X to another member in a message. The recipient then has to send back the name of someone known to the whole group for all of the group to write mean comments about. The comments although made anonymously can be posted publically for all to read! Snapchat is an app age rated 13+. If your child is on Snapchat, check this is not a game they are involved in. Encourage them to come and tell you if they are invited to join in and post inappropriate comments about anybody.

Useful Websites

· Find out how to make internet access safer at home on the Internet Matters website: http://bit.ly/ParentCont

· Report illegal website content here: https://www.iwf.org.uk

· Find out how to ask Google to remove information from their search results here: http://bit.ly/RemInfo

· For further eSafety advice visit: http://bit.ly/eSafetyAdviceforParents

· Take a look at the O2 and NSPCC ‘A parents’ guide to being Share Aware’: http://bit.ly/2nqIzKj

· Take a look at the guidance from the NSPCC on how parental controls can be used to block upsetting or harmful content, to control in-app purchases or to manage how long your child spends online: http://bit.ly/2nHwvGI

Attendance and Punctuality

Our current attendance:
June 2017 -

YR7: 96.7%

YR8: 96.3%

YR9: 95.9%

YR10: 96.1%

YR11: 96.2%

AVERAGE: 96.2%

We are delighted to see our attendance at 96.2%. Our target and those of all students is 96.3%. The reward trip to Thorpe Park and Colchester Zoo is going ahead this half term; well done to the majority of students whose excellent attendance and behaviour has enabled to take part in this trip!

Mrs Françoise Grote

01992 424200 ext. 215


Sky Sports Academy

On Friday 19th May, Lesley Owusu, a GB athlete, visited Goffs School to deliver a workshop to twenty talented year seven students. She worked with them all day and delivered presentations and workshops that looked to expand the students' sporting successes through to aspects of their personal, social and academic development.

Following her visits, the students will take part in a six week programme that is designed to provide them with a variety of leadership skills. They will then use this knowledge to coach other students within the school in a sports fun day.

The students loved meeting Lesley, and took in a great deal of information from her visit. One student commented “Lesley was so inspirational, she has achieved so much in her lifetime and has taught me the importance of working hard in everything that I do."

The students selected for this programme show great commitment and enthusiasm for school sport. They are also talented sports players and keen to develop knowledge that they can use in the sports industry. They are:

Lili Andrews, Lucy Todd, Billie Grayston, Ella O’Mahony, Maddie Murchinson, Evie Brown, Bobby Bell, Tilly Barnard, Darcy Lennie, Ashlyn Harrington, Taylor Gibbons, Frankie Gould, Tommy Kenny, Mihali Stylianides, Sonny Young, Adam Higgins, Daniel Janeway, Demetri Prodromou, Ross Haggart and Louis Hudson

The PE Department

Combined Cadet Force

This term all cadets are preparing to attend CCF summer camp in July and have been put on the fast track course to complete their weapon handling test.

Congratulations to 3 cadets who have been promoted:

Tyler Curtis has been promoted from Lance Corporal to Corporal;

Lenny Taylor and Billy Sambrook have been promoted from Cadet to Lance Corporal.

On 20/06/2017 there is a taster day for Year 8s at St Edmunds College. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are thinking about joining the CCF to gain valuable experience. There are limited spaces so if you would like your child to attend CCF taster day please see me for more information.

Aziz Rahman

Stamford Bridge Premier League School Tournament

On Tuesday 23rd May, our girls' football team visited Stamford Bridge for a truly inspirational day. The girls represented Tottenham Hotspur, wearing their football kit and even travelled on a very stylish premier league football coach.

During their time at the Chelsea Football Club, they had the opportunity to see the first team's changing room and the almighty premier league trophy (won by Chelsea).

Unfortunately we did not win all of our group games (winning 2 out of 4) therefore did not get through to the final, however we did beat Arsenal 5-1 in a very competitive London derby. Over 1400 schools across the country entered the competition and we were extremely successful to be one of the finalist teams. The girls were mesmerized from the day and Maddie Murchison in year 7 even decided to bring some of the grass from the pitch home with her!

The girls did the school proud in both their behaviour on the day and effort during the games, and had an amazing day as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Hopefully we can be finalists again next year!

The PE Department

Carina Axelsson

On Monday 24th April we hosted Carina Axelsson, author of the Model Undercover series, for a session with Year 8. Model Undercover is a best selling series about Axelle Anderson, a model who wants nothing more than to be a detective. However, she discovers that being a model is the perfect disguise in becoming an ace sleuth.

Carina spoke to students about her career as a model in the fashion industry, and adventures that she had during those years. She also spoke to students about how she became interested in writing and how she was able to turn it into a career. Carina engaged students with fun activities, including clever detective tricks with normal, everyday items - right down to the appropriate footwear for chasing a suspect.

At the end of the session, students were able to come and buy signed copies of her books, or bring their copies from home to get signed. Overall, it was a great morning that was thoroughly enjoyed - Thanks Carina!

Rebecca Grant, Director of the LRC

Literacy Event

On Thursday the 20th April, the energetic Barrie McDermid visited our school to perform an interactive literacy show to Year 7 and 8 students. Both performances had a game show and comedy sketch feel to them whilst also building the punctuation and grammar skills of our pupils.

Barrie was incredibly enthusiastic and really got the crowd going with catchy songs about brackets, apostrophes, compound sentences and different types of clauses. Every aspect of Literacy that Barrie so creatively taught had a song and movement attached to it in order to make the learning more memorable. As well as this, Barrie also used funky game show sound effects as he whisked around the audience asking individual students questions focused on literacy.

By the end of the show there were so many students up on their feet dancing away and having fun whilst singing along to songs about punctuation and grammar; Barrie truly was a real hit and all students that took part were given an opportunity to build their literacy skills!

All resources used within the show are available from me and all songs that made an appearance in the performance are available to purchase on CD for £5 (usually £10.99 on iTunes).Please contact me if your child would like to purchase one of these CDs and I will provide them with one.

Miss Everist

Whole School Literacy Coordinator and English Teacher



All exams are going well, students are working hard and we look forward to receiving results in August.

GCE/A-Level results day is Thursday 17th August, 9am-3pm

GCSE results day is Thursday 24th August, 9am-3pm

If students are away on these days, they must personally see Miss Thorogood in the Exams Office to discuss options available for collecting their results.