Tim Berners Lee and Alan Turing

Tim Berners Lee

Tim Berners Lee was a computer scientist and like others he was overloaded with workand wanted a better way for working . He came up with two ideas one was hyper text and the other was the internet . This was agreed on by many countries by the method where one computer sent files messages or data as packets of coded information . He needed to put all of these together to create a network of global hyper text called The World Wide Web . But he made rules , every piece of information had to have an address so the computer could find where the information had to be sent.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was a British mathmetician and computer scientist . in 1936 he invented a theoretical machine called the Turing machiune . The basic parts are tape , head , table and state register . But it needed a lot of tape . The head is for reading and writing symbols. The tble carries out instructions and moves the head left and right and tells it to erase or write . in 1939 hitler declared war and the germans invented the Enigma machine , its four core funtions are the keyboard , lampboard , rotors and plug board