A Wrinkle In Time

Travel through time!

I feel the light beaming across my face

Just like the beasts on planet Ixchel


Don't look in his eyes......his red eye's

One symbol in the book that is extremely important is the man with the red eyes. The man in the red eyes represents a devil. He represents a devil because in my mind devils are dangerously red, evil, and control people in a way. For example it is true that the man with the red eyes "controls" people because Meg and Calvin said, "Don't look at the light. Don't look at his eyes. He'll hypnotize you" (pg.134)
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All you need is love

The conflict in a wrinkle in time is It and what It causes. The conflict is important because it helps Meg figure out that love is the only quality It doesn't have which helps Meg defeat It. In a Wrinkle In time the author states,"She knew! Love. That was what she had that It did not have" (Pg. 228). That was when when Meg found out what can defeat ItT and it was caused by Charles saying to Meg that Mrs.Whatsit doesn't love her. But, after Charles said that Meg remembered Mrs.Whatsit told Meg she loved her.


Being individual and unique is precious

The theme in A Wrinkle in time would probably be individuality. The theme is important in A wrinkle in time because individuality is one of Meg's faults and Meg's faults help her make her stronger even in Camazotz. The text states, "So, for you, I will strengthen this gift. Meg I give you your faults," (Pg.112). This quote proves that in Mrs.Whatsit's opinion your faults can also be your strengths.
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