Physical Science


Lawrencium is a synthetic chemical element with chemical symbol Lr and atomic number 103. It is named in honor of Ernest Lawrence, inventor of the cyclotron, a device that was used to discover many artificial radioactive elements

Albert Ghiorso

    Lawrencium was discovered in 1961 by Albert Ghiorso, Torbjorn Sikkeland, Almon Larsh and Robert Latimer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California. It was the last member of the actinide series to be discovered.In the target chamber of a device called a linear accelerator.

All about the Element

This element called lawrencium atomic weight is 262.Lawrencium's most stable isotope, lawrencium-262, has a half life of about 4 hours. It decays into nobelium-262 through electron capture,mendelevium-258 through alpha decay or through spontaneous fission.lawrencium behaves more like the tripositive elements that come earlier in the actinide.Lawrencium is artificially produced, and has only been made in small quantities.

How is lawrencium used.

This elements is named after ernest lawrencium, who invented the cyclotron accelerator.It can be produced by bombarding californium placed in a linear accelerator with boron ions.Its most stable is 262Lr, with a half-life of about four hours. Lawrencium dose not occur is produced bombarding californium with boron.