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Acton Weekly Update 1/10/20

Things to Know

Jeans Week next week- 100% Energy Report Card!!!!!! Great Job Staff!

GREAT JOB with your GR Assessments! Many of you are wrapping them up already. I can't wait to analyze our growth data!

Those of you going to GR training on Tuesday and Wednesday can report directly to central office. You do not need to attend our collaboration meetings.

Infinite Campus Grading:
For our gen-ed students who receive accommodations on assessments or is allowed to redo an assignment, please note that in the comment section in IC for that assignment/assessment. We are noticing that some students who "struggle" actually have decent grades due to the supports teachers are naturally giving the student. By documenting that in IC, it allows the parents, student support team ,administration, and school psych to have a better understanding of the specific needs of the student.

AM Breakfast:During our last principals and coaches meeting we met with Betsy Willard, director of Star Express. She shared that they do not believe elementary schools are allocating enough time for students to eat breakfast. They would like for us to plan for at least 20 minutes to get students through the line and completing their meal. Right now we give them about 15. So, Jen and I have been going out to buses at 8:30 and directing breakfast students in from the buses that have arrived. We hope this little bit of extra time will help. Next year we will adjust schedules to accommodate for more breakfast time. If you have students coming to your room and not going to the cafeteria, please let me know. I will talk with the student and the driver so we can make sure they stay on their bus. Also, if you have car rider students who are coming in late to your room due to going to breakfast right before that bell, let me know. I'd be happy to reach out to the parents to see if we can encourage them to come earlier or eat at home.

Thank you!

Greetings Reminder: Please be sure you are at your classroom door when students are arriving. Your greetings to students make their day. In PBIS and CD training this is one of the top ways to build a relationship with your students.

Paper: We are eating through our paper supply at a faster pace than ever before. We only have 1 case of white paper left. Arlington is loaning us 2 cases to help us to get through the month. PLEASE only copy a minimum of what you need and copy 2 sided every chance possible. Sarah is placing our January-June supply and we will purchase more than normal, but whatever we pay extra for paper we will have to cut back on other supplies.

I will be allocating 18 cases per month. That should be MORE than enough for all of us. Please use paper sparingly.

Fast Track: It may only be January but planning for Fast Track starts NOW! Please read the flyer below and the presentation (button below) to learn more about the needs of Fast Track and how it positively impacts so many of our students. We need volunteers and donations to make it happen. Monetary donations are most helpful. To fill a bag for each student is approximately $40. If you could, please sign up to volunteer, make a donation, or share this information with your churches, community groups or family members so we can make this coming Fast Track event a huge success again next school year.

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English Language Learners Spotlight

We will be sharing information and strategies on ways to support our EL learners. However, these are GOOD strategies for ALL students.
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The Acton Link

Click here for a list of helpful school specific links.

PBIS Central

Click here for anything and everything Acton PBIS.

19/20 SOS Form

Print this off and fill it out or make a copy and send to Brook.

Coaches Corner

Teachers, please bring the GR MOY assessment data you have gathered so far to your PD date with Carolyn Gwynn. She is going to help you group students using the data you have gathered so far. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

Q2C2 data entered by 1/3

Data discussed on 1/8

Guided Reading MOY assessments given and data entered: Jan 6th-Jan 20th

Carolyn Gwynn: Week of January 13th

Q3C1 Post-test given by January 31st

Q3C1 Post-test data entered by February 3rd

Q3C1 Post-test data discussion on February 5th

Half day planning: Week of February 24th


Begin teaching Unit 5: 1/6

Classes entered and students added into EDM by: 1/24

Pre-test for Unit 6 (EDM Math Boxes 5-14) given: 1/29-2/4

Guided Reading

For some these are a review. Here are some lesson plan cheat sheets that outline the page numbers to use as reference for completing the lesson plan templates:

ELA Teaching Templates/Checklists:

We will eventually be revisiting our Mini-Lessons and Interactive Read Alouds. Until then, here are some reminders of useful tools:

19/20 Collaboration Schedule

Tuesday and Wednesday PD Schedules. This may change and will be updated throughout the year.

Counselor Corner

Kindness Week

(Next week, January 13th-17th)

1. Kindness Bingo Card: If students complete the entire BINGO board of kind acts, you will turn the board into my mailbox and we will draw a winner who gets to have lunch with me and a friend.

2. Sock Drive: Information went out this week to parents. Katie Reynolds sent an email with details on how the socks will be collected. There will be boxes outside of your classroom.

3. Wear the themed socks days shown on flyers!

4. Student council and I will have kindness segments on the announcements similar to Red Ribbon Week. I may also share a book and activity to complete for the week. Look out for a separate email from me.

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Coming Up

Guided Reading MOY Assessments 1/6-1/17

Kindness Week- Sock Drive

Monday 1/13

Third grade at GR Training

6:00 School Board Meeting

Tuesday 1/14:

Collaboration: continued 3-5 Airways data meeting as grade levels or K-5 team planning time

Fourth Grade at GR Training

6:00 Wheels of Wonder Skating Party

Wednesday 1/15:

Fifth Grade at GR Training

Collaboration: Grade levels look at Reading Assessment Data together as needed.


Thursday 1/16:

First and Second Grade at GR Training

Student Council


Kindergarten at GR Training

7:45 All ProDads

9:30 Tomags Testing in LGI for qualified students

6:00 Mother Son Sports Party

January 22,2020

Cafeteria Lock Down Practice with Officer Rizzi


13-17 Kindness Week/Library Lessons K-2

13-2/28 WIDA

14 Skating Party

17 All Pro Dads

17 Mother Son event

20 MLK Day (make up day if necessary)

22 Field Trip forms due

22 Counselors meeting

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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