The Echo Memo: Sept. 19, 2016

A weekly memo to the Smith staff from your leadership team.

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Bright Spots since the last memo....

VIEW PHOTOS - of LAST WEEK's Bright Spots!

PLEASE add more from what you see and do! :) Making memories!

Give us a peek into your day. If you need help - reach out for support.

- Art plus Math / Science = STEAM

- Employee of the Month: Dahlia Garrity!!

- Teacher Specialist, Mary Ann Ross!!

- Creating ooblick - MATTER!

This Week #5

Monday - Friday FLEX PERIOD continues

Monday, Sept. 19 -

Tuesday, Sept. 20 - 9:00 am Knights Jousting Field Trip and Parent Info Night

Alternate Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 20 - 6:30 - 7:45pm Parent Curriculum Night

Friday, Sept. 16 PAWS event


Monday, Sept. 26 - Prof. Dev. Day / No Students

Friday, Sept. 30 - Staff Luncheon: Hosting by PK and Kinder

Lesson Plans

4:00 pm Lesson Plans due for following week in Google Drive shared folder, and Eduphoria. If the Forethought Team planner does not edit for you as several teachers have reported, just drop the link in your indiv. page. Thx!


Tuesday: Field Trip to Tournament of Champions!

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See how ongoing and varied assessment informs instruction.

Learning Environment

Refresh your ideas with these videos of professionals who are set up for success.

Planning and Instruction

Watch a few short videos for new ideas on how to conduct your Circle Time and other Start of School Routines. First Weeks of School, and Morning Meeting Greeting
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