"Grow up, stop gossip"

Gossip vs. Rumors/News

Gossip is defined as the trivial writing or talk of an intimate nature about someone else.

Gossip compared to News: News is intended to help and inform others, while gossip harms others.

Gossip compared to Rumors: Rumors have yet to be verified as true, while gossip is true.


  • "Did you hear about Jonathan stealing the answers to the biology test before the day of the test?"
  • "Did you know Stacy was dumped by her girlfriend and she ran home crying?"
  • “Today Bob fainted in class. It was really sudden, and scary. I saw emergency medical technicians wheeling him out in a stretcher.”
  • After a night of heavy underage drinking, Patricia and Robbie promised each other that they wouldn’t tell others about the drinking. The next day Patricia goes to school and tells all of her friends that Robbie was drinking the night before.


55% of men's conversation is gossip. 67% of women's is gossip.

Our Proposed Solutions

Once caught for gossipping, the following will be consequences that will take place. First will act as a warning, second will act as a time-out and third will be "no mercy."

  1. wear muzzle for 48 hours
  2. wear shock collar for 30 days
  3. the "Avox" method -- cut tongue off


  1. We will be rid of talkative people
  2. Individuals will begin the habit of "thinking before speaking"
  3. Reduce the amount of offended people