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The ABC’s of App Marketing

In 1965, Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation published a ground breaking paper in which he postulated that the power of computing hardware would double approximately every two years. This became known as the famous ‘Moore’s Law’ which can also be applied to the expansion of technology in general. But perhaps even Moore could not have foreseen the massive development that would occur in the digital world in the previous decade, including the field of App Marketing. As of today, there are more than 1.3 million apps on the Google Play Store, closely followed by Apple’s App Store with 1.2 million available apps.

The importance of App Explainer Videos:

Competition on the internet is incredibly fierce. One must consistently dish out products that are best suited to the consumer’s ever-evolving needs. The realm of advertising has been brought to the forefront because no matter how incredible your software or your application is, you will not make any profit if users do not know about it in the first place. This is why App Preview Videos, also known as App Explainer Videos, are one of the first features that any app developer needs to think about before launching their product on the app store. It is the best chance any developer has to convince users that their app is truly worth buying and has all the traits that they are looking for. App Previews are a window, providing a glimpse into that actual nature of the app.

Features of an Excellent App Preview Video:

When you view an advertisement, what are the characteristics that immediately grab your attention? These are the very traits that one must incorporate in an app preview video. It should be of adequate length; an excessively long-winded video is unlikely to gain many admirers. It must incorporate bright visuals, interesting fonts and eye-catching taglines. It should present all the salient features of the application in a clear but comprehensive way so that there is no doubt left in the user’s mind as to what exactly the product will offer in terms of performance. If possible, a voice-over highlighting the key characteristics can be added. It will add a degree of professionalism to the app preview video. Ideally, the app explainer video should also give a brief tutorial about how the app should be used and show the app in action, thus giving the user a real feel of the product.

How to create the best App Explainer Video:

New developers are unlikely to have a very permissive budget when they begin their venture into the field of app marketing. Despite this, they should always reserve a sizeable fraction of their finances to produce engaging app preview videos. Fortunately, there are many skilled App Preview Video Services available today that will create an app explainer video to cater to the developer’s needs. To gather some ideas for such videos, many exceptional app preview videos are accessible on the internet and it is highly recommended that all fresh developers view these resources before embarking on their journey of app marketing.

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