By : Rj bell

What is cyber bullying?

cyber bullying is the act of bullying people online. things that kids may do when cyber bullying is make a false rumor or calling someone out of their name.

Examples of cyber bullying

  1. mean text messages or emails
  2. embarrassing pictures
  3. fake profiles

Three differences between cyber bullying and bullying

  • cyber bullying can happen 24 hrs. 7 days a week
  • when and if you post embarrassing pictures it is extremely hard for you to delete them.
  • its not easy to trace the person down that is bullying.

Effects of cyber bulying

  • use alcohol and drugs
  • skip school
  • have lower self esteem
  • experience in person bullying
  • be unwilling to attend school

Prevention and awareness

  1. know the sites that your kid visits and their online activity
  2. have a sense of what they do online and in text
  3. ask for their password but tell them you'll only use them in case of an emergency
  4. encourage your kids to tell you immediately if they or someone else they know is being bullied
  5. ask to friend or follow your kids on social media sites

establishing rules

  • show them how to be safe online
  • help them be smart about what they post or say
  • help your kids to keep their passwords safe tell them not to show or tell their friends

reporting a bully

  1. don't respond to or forward any of the cyberbullies messages
  2. block the person from any and all social media sites
  3. keep all evidence of the cyberbully

report to your online service provider

  • review their terms and conditions
  • visit social media safety centers

report to your local law enforcement

  1. threats of violence
  2. sending sexually explicit photos or messages
  3. stalking and hate crimes

report to your school

  • the school can use the information to inform prevention and response tragedies
  • address cyber bullying and an anti bullying policy