About Medellin

Places, food and entertainment


Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and the capital of the department of Antioquia ; Average temperature do is LOCATED 24 and about 1475 meters Above Sea Level ; It has a length of 105 Square Kilometers of urban land, 270 5.2 Soil and soil para rural expansion.
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Typical Food

In Medellin There are a lot of types foods than you can enjoy like doughnuts, Sancocho, tripe, porridge and paisa tray.

come to eat this delicius dishes

Tourist Places

In Medellin you can find awesome places for visit, we can visit Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica, San ignacio's Plazuela, Belen park library, Library park october twelve, and others places than dazzle you.
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Basket: The tradicional Basket Shopping

Antioquia Hats

Used either by tradition or typical regional symbol

Feria de las flores

La Feria de las Flores is a traditional, massive event that is celebrated for 10 days each year in the city of Medellín, Colombia . This fair is the most emblematic celebration of the city , which constitutes a raizal , cultural and historical icon , just like we are the Rio Carnival in Rio de Janeiro , October party ( Oktoberfest ) in Bavaria, Germany, or in Colombia also Manizales Fair , the Carnival of Barranquilla , Cali Fair or Carnival of Blacks and Whites in the city of San Juan de Pasto.
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Important people

mayor: this person is elected to take choose about medellin .

Colonel: This person is a high ranked in the police and he takes the control of the city

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You have to go straigh three blocks and turn left, then turn left again and go up along three blocks, turn left and go the corner, go down along three blocks and you have turn right its on the right.

how many food in the day are there?

there are a lot of food in the day

how many people are there in the hotel?

there are a lot of people

how many partys are there?

there are fews partys.

How much milk is there in chocolate?

there is a lot of chocolate milk.

how much enjoy is there?

there is some enjoy

how much woman is there?

there is a one thousand woman

how much is a can of cocacola?

it is one dollar two cents

how much is a can of sweters?

its twenty thousand Pesos

how much is a can of iphones?

it is fifty euros eighty cents

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Javier Alejandro Zuleta - Oscar Eduardo Guerrero ADSI 35