Don't forget about Alzheimers!

Averie Dunn

Why I chose it?

I chose Alzheimers because it's interresting how somebody can all of a sudden just forget something or someone important. The research might help me and other understand what exactly this disease is and how to recognize the signs early on.

What exactly is Alzheimers?

Alzheimers is a form of dementia that progresses as you age. It affects your memory and thinking, but it is not normal for all aging people.
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What's happening in the brain?

The early stages of Alzheimers is what affect the brain the most. During these stages abnormal protein amounts are being formed into amyloid plaques in the brain, healthy neurons begin to fail and lose their connections with other parts of the brain and once this occurs the neurons shut down and die. As the disease spreads, the hippocamous is greatly affected (this is the stage of losing your memory.) As the final stage comes along, there is too much damages brain tissue to try and salvage.
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At Boston Universtiy School of Medicine, researchers have been noticing a significant boost in memory and learning with the use of diabetes medicine. The medicine reduces amyloid-beta peptides which is what causes Alzheimers to begin and progress. Another expierment that has been done has been tested on mice and been successful. A painkiller medicine used to treat arthritis has been given to mice and scientists have seen symptoms of dementia reversing.
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Intresting facts?

-Every 68 seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with Alzheimers

-If you're a woman, you have a higher risk of getting Alzheimers

-Education can lower your risk