The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy

By: Jenny Han

About this book:

Belly is 15, and head over heels in love with Conrad, or so she thinks. She has gone to the beach house on Cousin's Beach every summer of her life that she can remember. Each summer she spent those three months with the Fisher boys, Jeremiah and Conrad. Conrad has always had her heart. She looked up to him, admired him, and then one day realized how much she cared about him. As the summers went on she was just one of the boys. Conrad never noticed her, until one summer. The summer that would change her life forever and help her to determine her future.
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Jo Nichols: Sunny and 75

I chose the song Sunny and 75 by Jo Nichols because not only is it about summer, but it is also about love, which is the entire summary of this trilogy. The lyrics talk about wanting it to be sunny and 75 and also to be with this girl that he remembers so much about because of summer love. This song represents this trilogy so well.

Martina McBride: I'm Gonna Love You Through It

This song, I'm Gonna Love You Through It by Martina McBride, hits a sore spot of this trilogy. As you read, you learn eventually that a key character has cancer, and how rough

it is on this person and their family. It is a very moving song, and this aspect of the

trilogy ads so much feeling and emotion to the story. It takes it from a fluffy love story and turns it into a deep dramatic and heart warming story.

Taylor Swift: You Belong With Me

I chose to use the song, You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, because before Conrad notices Belly or chooses to believe that he cares about her too, Belly has to deal with him dating other girls. Throughout the trilogy, she is having to cope with the guy she is crazy about being with someone else. Someone older than her and all she wants to do is tell him how she feels, which is exactly what this song is about.

Sara Evans: Suds In The Bucket

For my fourth song, I chose Suds In The Bucket by Sara Evans because Belly falls in love at a young age. The events that unfold throughout the trilogy constantly lead to Belly being told she is too young to know, too young to make that decision, and just too young. She often makes choices that are similar to parts of this song such as taking off with her boyfriend and thinking she wants to get married extremely young. This song might not lay out the story line of what happens in this story, but there are relatable parts that fit numerous events within this trilogy.