The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

By: Michelle Hodkins

Main Character

Mara is very independent. She wants to be left alone. Mara is very artistic and quite. She believes she is going crazy after she was in a building collapse. She also believes she can kill people with her mind.


  • Mara and her family move to Florida after Mara was involved in a tragic event. Where she lost her best friend and her boyfriend.
  • After Mara moves to Florida she sees an abused dog, and when she sees the owner she imagines him dying. When she comes back he died the way she imagined it.
  • Then Mara meets Noah Shaw who tries to become friends with her.
  • Mara starts to remember the night her friends died.
  • Noah and Mara go on a date and Mara tells him about everything that has happened.
  • Someone finds Mara sketch book and all her sketches, and they try to use it against her.
  • Mara's dad gets shot while working on a murder case.
  • When Mara goes to the police to turn herself in she thinks she sees her dead boyfriend Jude.
  • Mara gets admitted to a psychiatric unit because everyone believes she is crazy.


The theme is to always trust your family because Mara keeps everything from her family and she makes a lot of mistakes. Where if she would have trusted her family she could have avoided some of the mistakes she made.

Nonfiction Source

My nonfiction source is about art history. I choose this because Mara is an amazing artist. Art is part of what keeps her from falling apart.

Somethings I found on my nonfiction source were,

  • According to Art History Appreciation art history goes throughout the entire history of mankind.
  • Art history has become a discipline in teaching people to evaluate difficult things.
  • Requires you to study and describe what you see ( Art History Appreciation.)
  • Claude Monet said, "It's on strength of observation that one finds a way."
  • Art also allows you to compare and contrast different ideas.
Many of these things helped Mara keeping thinking and keeping her mind working during this rough time in her life.


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