Battle of Ticonderoga May 10, 1775

by Charlie Conover


The Battle of Ticonderoga was between two rivers. On the northeast side of New York. The battle was in Ticonderoga (Which gave it the name).

Troop Information

  1. General Ethan Allan with 100 men 1. General Jeffrey Amherst with 48 men


2. General Artor ST. Clair with 2,000 men 2. General John Burgoyne with 8,000 men

Even Later

3. General John Brown with 500 men 3. General Brunswick Garrison with 700 men

Battle Plans


The American wanted to surprise British at night. /The British had no plan, but surrendering


The American decided to retreat./The British knew it was easier from the hills attack from the mountains.

Even Later

The Americans tried to take back the fort./The British defended the fort.

Turing Point

The turning point was when the British takes the fort back over in the second battle.

The Outcome

The British won and keep the fort for the rest of the war. This battle was important because the British got supplies from Canada.