2nd Grade News

May 2016

Second Grade Team

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Thank you parents for a great school year.

We appreciate your help in making this year successful!


Over the summer please read at least one of the fiction books listed below. You do not need to read all of the books. When you return to school in August your child will have discussions and activities related to each great story with the third grade teachers.



Students are so proud of their hard work for several months and are wrapping up and reviewing ALL of our lowercase and uppercase cursive letters. Please help your child practice the letters he/she struggled with or sometimes forgets how to form over the summer. There are lots of great cursive resources to support your child (online and in print.) Be sure that you look for cursive that is D’Nealian and not another style.

Before Third Grade

This summer, here are some tips to continue to develop as a reader and writer:

  • Journal - Keep a collection somewhere of “summer stories” and experiences.
  • Snail Mail - Send friendly letters to friends, teachers, and family from camp and during other vacations.
  • Use your Reading Response Journal – Can you write about what you have been reading? Do you have any jots in your summer reading books that you could turn into an entry?
  • Don't forget about your Tiny Journal or Writing Folder -- Add lists, brainstorm ideas, write about small moments, or create new poetry! What can you do to make your writing more descriptive with words and pictures? Do you have stories you can add to or finish?
  • READ! - Have DEAR time at home (Drop Everything And Read) for 15-30 minutes daily.
  • Just Right Books - Visit your public library on a field trip to collect some summer reads!
  • Cursive, Cursive, Cursive - Are there any pages to finish in your packets? Also, try to teach a grownup or perhaps a relative how to write their first and last name in cursive.
  • Expand your knowledge from Second Grade – What can you STILL learn about Pioneers, the 50 states, or Folktales/Tall Tales that we studied in class?
  • Be a Word Wizard – Collect and define new vocabulary or spelling words you learn and read either in a journal or on your own sticky notes. Hunt for spelling patterns, prefixes, suffixes, and other vowel pairs we learned this year while you are out and about. Can you jot them down or create your own sorts?
  • Start your own Book Club - Ask friends to read along with you while enjoying the same book. Plan for a discussion over the phone, on Facetime, or even meet by the pool to chat about your favorite parts.



Summer ideas for Mathematicians:
  • Finish incomplete Math Boxes in your workbook.
  • Complete prompts in your Math journal.
  • Practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.
  • Review assessments from the school year.
  • Create your own mental math messages.
  • Have a lemonade stand and use your skills for totaling money amounts and making change.
  • Keep a calendar of your summer travels and activities.
  • Create your own math game using a variety of skills.
  • Document the miles you travel this summer.
  • Have fun cooking and using your measurement skills.
  • Build structures using linear measurements.
  • Use Math apps.
  • Play EveryDay Math games on ConnectEd.
  • Practice skills on IXL.
  • Read Math books.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Wednesday, May 17 - Barn ribbon-cutting ceremony
  • Friday, May 19 - Senior Opera 6:30 p.m.
  • Monday, May 22 and Tuesday, May 23 - Second Grade Talent Show (students only)
  • Tuesday, May 23:
    -Encore Opera at 12:30 p.m. (all families welcome)
    -Senior Carpool Parade at 2:00 p.m.
    -Last Day of Classes for Grade 4
  • Wednesday, May 24 - Last Day of Classes for Grades 1-2-3
  • Thursday, May 25 and Friday, May 26 - Parent Teacher Conferences