Grade Three Update

Thursday, 8th October 2015

Parent Teacher conferences & Clubs

As our parent - teacher conferences are taking place next week from 14.00 - 18.00 there will be a change to regular after school and clubs.

Please note:

Clubs are cancelled on Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th October.

Check out for students on these days will only be at reception.

The Grade 3 CCEP Areas for these two days will be: Room 3.14.

If you would still like to sign up for a parent teacher conference please click on the link below to do so. Please note this link will close on Sunday 11th October at 12.00pm.

Our Unit: How the World Works

We've been busy with all manner of natural science as we move towards the end of our unit on How the World Works. All the Grade 3 classes had the chance to visit the Naturkundemuseum to further explore the learning we had done on the geological composition of the Earth and our place in the solar system, and this also gave us a good insight into the different natural disasters that take place around the world.

We have begun to look at earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and other disasters in greater detail, combining theoretical understanding of these phenomena with individual case studies that highlight the processes at work. Central to the unit is the ways in which humans respond to these disasters, and so we have examined the role the scientific community plays in understanding our world as well as humanitarian relief efforts to aid those affected by these disasters.


Over the past two weeks, students have learnt about the elements and composition of newspaper articles, and have begun to try their hands at writing articles themselves. This activity will link closely to our unit studies, as students will write reports on historical or imagined natural disasters.


In mathematics, we continue our number work, with a focus on place value, rounding, and estimation. This critical number skill work will be kept up throughout the year, but we will often investigate other topics concurrently - and at the moment, we're beginning to look at time. Conceptual and real-world understanding of time and the measurement of time are obviously profoundly important, and there is an enormous diversity in the skill level of students when it comes to this area of maths. We encourage you to go over basic time-telling skills with your child, especially reading analogue clocks to five minute intervals.


During the last week all children have been very creative! As part of our author and literature unit we were focusing on poems. We spent lots of time exploring various poems, finding differences and similarities. A workshop focusing on poems gave children the chance to become authors themselves, interpreting poems during role plays and in arts as well as acting as reporters making interviews about the workshop and workshop participation.

As a next step we will be focusing on three different authors and their works. This will serve as a preparation for the upcoming class trip to the ATZE Theatre on Friday, October 16th, where we will be viewing RICO, OSCAR UND DIE TIEFERSCHATTEN as a highlight of our unit. We are sure children will love the show!

BMS Grade Three Team

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