New Town Garden Club

May 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting is May 18 at the Town Hall in New Town at 7:00 p.m. The topic is Herb Container Gardening presented by Mary Carey, Master Gardener. After our speaker, we will hear a Garden Tour update and make Recycled Can Herb Pots. Anyone who has extra herbs, please bring them to share, I may have some mint to give away.

Garden Tour June 14

Garden Tour Information

Our Garden Tour is slated for June 14, from 1:00-5:00 p.m. We are in need of golf carts and those to drive them for the tour. Please contact Terri at if you are willing to donate the use of your cart and/or drive it! We are still needing gardens for the tour! If you know of someone, please ask them and let the Garden Club know!
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From Sue, Our Butterfly Gardening Expert

To replace any plants with Native Missouri Plants: If you want fall color, Fragrant Sumac is a great substitute for burning bush. American Beautyberry is deciduous and dies back during the winter; however, it gets long stems of GORGEOUS purple berries in the fall. If you don’t necessarily want fall color or would prefer a spring or summer bloomer, the native Ninebark flowers in summer. Golden Currant, Spice Bush and Black Chokeberry all flower in the spring. All get berries for the birds. Spice Bush blooms same time as Forsythia so is a good replacement for that; however, you need male and female to set the berries. Golden Currant is also called Clove Currant as it has that fragrance when blooming. If you would like a smaller, more compact shrub, the best choice is Shrubby St. John’s Wort (late spring/early summer bloomer). If you need something for shade or half and half, Wild Hydrangea is beautiful. So is Strawberry Bush but much smaller.

More From Sue....

For butterfly container gardens: to try growing in a pot, I would recommend Rose Verbena or Purple Tassels. Both are long-blooming trailing plants that would add color to a pot. Missouri Primrose and Purple Poppy Mallow are both awesome plants, but the bloom time is a bit shorter. Again, they are both trailers and can get a little long so a tall pot would be in order. Keep in mind that these are all perennials so generally they do not have full season color like annuals. The trick is to plant combinations in the pots that bloom at different times so something is always in bloom or use a grass or foliage plant for interest. Alum Root and Prairie Dropseed are two foliage plants that would be nice in pots. Some sedges might work also. I planned my pots for full sun and limited watering as follows: Thread-leaved Blue Star & Rock Pink, Alum Root (Coral Bells), Purple Prairie Clover, and Purple Tassels Thimbleweed, Silky Aster, & Rose Verbena.

And lastly, from Sue...

There are all kinds of combinations, even for shade. You can even make a pot of things that like moist soil (will require regular watering) or a “water garden” out of a pot with a sealed bottom. A pot for moist soil could be Blue Lobelia, Cardinal Flower, Spider Lily, Copper Iris, Southern Blue Flag, Shining Blue Star, Mist Flower or Golden Alexander. A “water” pot could be Cardinal Flower, Arrow Arum, Pickerel Weed, Water Canna. There might be more – I’d have to check to see which rain garden plants could handle prolonged submersion. Sealed bottom pots CANNOT stay out all winter.

Don’t be afraid to mix annuals and native perennials in the same pot either. The natives can stay when you pull out the annuals.

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