Zacatecas , Mexico

Time To Explore !

Shops To Go , There and Back !

There are Many Great Shops to Stop By During your Stay . This Is a Must Stop ! You can buy Masks and Hats Made by Most women in Zacateca , There are many types of shops like candy shops , art shops and Silver work shops ! Everything at the candy shop is made out of sugar and nothing more or less . Art shops sale little pieces of art work and Craft made Works Made by Local Artist . At the Silver Shops there is Pieces of Silver Jewelry hand made right there in the shops.

People and More....

The Population is 1.491 , Wow ! There are many different ways of Culture , In Mexico they have different ways of believing and belief ' s . They Have Many different Festivals and events . They will dance, listen to different types of music and eat mexican food and gather together , Basically what we Do here just a different way and culture .

Day Of The Dead .

This a A holiday like Hallloween except Celebrated differently , they enjoy death . They connect with their dead family members and leave their House doors open to let Strangers come in . They all Gather togehter with their dead faimly memebers favorite food and make a food horse and eat off of it . For dead Children they create sugar candys and skeleton candys and use skeletons as a symbol of death .