House Of Hades

Author Rick Riordan By Gavin Mowery Period 3 & 5

Setting of House of Hades

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The setting is always moving but the destination is Epuries, Greece. The setting is probably one of the coolest things in this book because it is based on real locations. I also like it because it is based on like the ancient cities in modern time. My favorite location is Epuries, Greece because most of the action and suspense happen. The setting is very significant in this book it helps the story a lot.
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Symbolism in House Of Hades

THe symbolism in House of Hades is the Athena Parthenos (A statue of Athena The god of Wisdom) it symbols hope for the seven demigods in defeating Gaea. The demigods feel weird about it because it is mysteries and frightful and the same time. Leo's thought on it is the Athena Parthenos is a machine ,but I think it is because he is the son of Hephaestus(the god of machines and fire).
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Theme in House Of Hades

The Theme in this Book is to never lose hope. I came to understand the theme because in this book the demigods are faced with impossible odds like Percy and Annabeth in Tartarus they were two big parts of the seven demigod team and Percy and Annabeth could of just gave up and died when they fell into Tartarus. The theme is really fits this book well ,but that is what I think read the book to find out your theme.

Book Recommendation For House Of Hades

House of Hades is a exciting and action packed book. I recommend this book because it is full of Greek and Roman facts and it is in the 20th century and not in the past. If you like a book with a lot of fighting and suspense this is the book for you. Here are some of the things that you may want to do before reading this book is if you have not read any of the other Rick Riordan books you may want to read those first. I also want to say that this book has a lot of words that are sort of hard to pronounce so if you don't have a good vocabulary you may not want to read tis book. this book will take a little bit so get a comfy spot and get to reading.