Mrs. Faccio's 4th Grade Newsletter

October 24, 2013

What's Up in the Classroom??

Writing - We've finished up our persuasive essays and are currently working on a creative writing story for Thanksgiving. We will be moving on to personal narratives next.

Language Arts- We've been working on comparing and contrasting within books. This skill is used to help us better understand the characters by getting into their lives and discovering similarities and differences between them.

Math-We are still plugging away on our multiplication unit. Students are being introduced to many options for solving multiplication problems. They get to pick which one they like the best and use that one on a daily basis. Our test will be sometime during the week of Nov. 4th.

Spelling- Please continue to have your child do their sort each night. It shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes.

Science-We are busy learning about how our sense organs help us survive and grow. We are also working on reflexes, parts of the brain and fight or flight responses.


Please continue to check the agenda with your child. Without the paper planners, it's our best form of communication on a nightly basis. I list everything we've done that day, post when tests have been taken in Schoology, list anything that needs to be signed and returned, etc. You are always welcome to email me as well!

iPad re-imaging

Monday, October 28, 2013

The first school to have their iPads re-imaged hit some snags. So, our date got moved back. iPads will be re-imaged on Monday. Students will lose all their photos and recordings so we've encouraged them to back those photos and recordings up on a free site called Shutterfly. It's quick and easy. You will be getting a flyer (similar to this one) regarding the re-imaging and some new expectations.

Dates to Remember

October 24 - Conferences 4-7:30

October 29 - Conferences 4-7:30

October 30 - Laid back day and tailgate party during the school day (a note will be coming home as soon as it's back from the print center)

October 30 - Student council speeches (you are welcome to attend)

October 31 - Conferences 8-11:30, no school for students

November 1 - No school